The Constellations – Do It For Free (2012)

With a cover which reminds me of Sex Pistols and a sound which might result from the (imaginary) collision of the tour buses of Jefferson Airplane and House of Pain, The Constellations are back. Soul, 70’s Rock and 90’s Hip Hop is mixed up and pulsing around in their music.
Their debut album, “Southern Gothic”, released in 2010, is about what happens in Atlanta from 2 AM until noon, while the centerpiece, a delirious nine-minutes track, “Step Right Up” is a direct tribute to Tom Waits. “Atlanta is strange,” they said, “because we’re all basically pushed together. The hip-hop heads, punk rockers, and indie kids all rub shoulders and mix it up. “Southern Gothic” reflects that inclusive diversity in its far-reaching sound.”
Two years later, they are back with “Do It For Free” and the same flavor. Eventually less rapping, more soulful, kind of vintage spiced sound.

13 tracks, hopefully 13 lucky ones.
The music is extremely tasty, my only concern is the very muffed sound…. The bass and the drum tracks are very distorted – and not in a creative sense. Definitively have the feeling they wanted a vintage sound, and it feels good, but – unfortunately – sounds not so…


01 – Black Cat
02 – Afterparty
03 – Right Where I Belong
04 – All My Great Escapes
05 – Back In Atlanta
06 – Let It Go
07 – Do It For Free
08 – The Ol’ Speakeasy
09 – The Breeze
10 – April
11 – Side By Side
12 – Let’s Get Paid
13 – Hallelujah

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I took the Indaba opportunity and remixed their track “Back In Atlanta”, follow that vintage feeling I added some annoying ( 😆 ) good old vinyl record scratches and some “old radio” like sound filters. I admit, didn’t sweat too much on this, but it was fun. And we all need some fun in our life, don’t we?

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