Ghostpoet – Shedding Skin (2015)

Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin (2015)

Ghostpoet - Shedding Skin (2015) When everything it’s obsessively boring and irreversible predictable, Ghospoet find his way and manage to deliver – once again – something fresh and genuinely enjoyable. Where conformity ends there Ghospoet kicks in!
Ghostpoet (born Obaro Ejimiwe, on January 18 1983) debuted as singer and musician in June 2010 with first EP entitled “The Sound of Strangers” on Brownswood Recordings and was later featured in The Guardian’s “New Band of the Day”.
His first single “Cash & Carry Me Home” was released on 24 January 2011, followed by the debut album on 7 February 2011, Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam. The single “Survive It” was launched in Rough Trade East Record store, on London’s Brick Lane on 9 May 2011.
Ghostpoet was among the nominees for the 2011 Mercury Prize, but the winner of the prize was PJ Harvey.
The second album called “Some Say I So I Say Light” was released on 6 May 2013. The first single “Meltdown” premiered on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show on 20 March 2013.
Ghostpoet via Soundcloud hosted a remix contest for three of his songs from “Some Say I So I Say Light”, but somehow I missed the submission deadline… Anyway, I do only weird hardcore stuffs…far off the mainstream.

“Shedding Skin”, the third installment of Ghostpoet was released on March 2nd and consist of 10 brand new hallucinogenic trips. A step forward in the artistic development of this young talent, although “Shedding Skin” sound further abstract and liquid. Floating spoken words, fragments of moody electronics, trip and hip hop flavors and a vivid mixture of folk, indie and jazz elements make this whole cocktail unique and irresistible. Once you have push the play button it’s hard to get off from the carousel. Totally hypnotic and addictive.
Self-produced, the album was build-up with what has become the Brighton artist’s traditional live set up: Joe Newman on guitar, bass player, John Calvert, John Blease on drums and guest contributions from Lucy Rose, Nadine Shah, Etta Bond and the Belgian jazz artist Melanie Di Biasio.
This is not a typical, tasteless hip hop album as the media and the mainstream demanded it, but a soulful, living collection of genuine songs.


01. Off Peak Dreams (3:18)
02. X Marks the Spot (feat. Nadine Shah) (3:50)
03. Be Right Back, Moving House (feat. Paul Smith) (6:06)
04. Shedding Skin (feat. Melanie De Biasio) (4:24)
05. Yes, I Helped You Pack (feat. Etta Bond) (3:51)
06. That Ring Down the Drain Kind of Feeling (feat. Nadine Shah) (3:50)
07. Sorry My Love, It’s You Not Me (feat. Lucy Rose) (4:11)
08. Better Not Butter (4:13)
09. The Pleasure in Pleather (3:27)
10. Nothing in the Way (6:11)

Ghostpoet – Official Site
Ghostpoet – Soundcloud

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