Angelspit – Hello My Name Is (2011)

This is the fourth installment from the Australian cyber-punkrockers Angelspit scheduled to be released on October 11, 2011. The band lately were enforced by addition of three new members: guitarist Valerie Gentile (Black Tape for a Blue Girl, The Crüxshadows), drummer Chris Kling (Hanzel und Gretyl, Mortiis) and video-jammer The Liar, and “Hello My Name Is” bring to the surface the same angry, noisy and ravishing electro-punk rock, eventually even more furious and viciously distorted.
And actually “Hello My Name Is” is fresh, groovy, noisy, but still melodious, catchy, full of tasty cyber punk themes, excellent, killer tracks.
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Malakwa – Street Preacher (2011)

As a new member of the Alfa-Matrix family, Malakwa strikes with their angry, psychotic EBM/industrial, cyber punk from Marseille, South of France. After the tempestuous “Feed the Machine” released in 2008, their second installment, “Street Preacher” erupt more intensely and electrifying.
This version comes as a carton box limited edition of “Street Preacher” and holds a bonus disc with 2 exclusive songs – “Too Young to Die” and “Gimme Danger” – and 9 remixes of “Monster” by label mates: Kant Kino, Implant, Amgod, Psy’Aviah, Ambassador 21, Essence Of Mind, Leg Lifters, Temple Of Nemesys and ESB.
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Mr. Pan[k]sament – Electro-Acoustic Two Notes Techno (Unstable Mix)

It’s been a while since I write/record something new. So this is the fresh s*it. I had some fun writing a classic Techno tune but kicking it off from some nice and gentle acoustic instruments, actually some strings and a “dummy” piano theme which have only the role to replace the drums. I had in mind to write something quite simple: no more than two, eventually three notes and hell yeah, I think this is a great song after all. Once again I will say what Henry Rollins said: music shouldn’t be brain surgery. Well, this album (The Ghost of the Absent Father) it’s pretty off from my usual path of musical searches, but I hate to repeat myself and well, I love to deviate into different stuffs from time to time. 🙂 Read more Mr. Pan[k]sament – Electro-Acoustic Two Notes Techno (Unstable Mix)