(hed) p.e. – Evolution (2014)

(hed) p.e. - Evolution (2014)

(hed) p.e. - Evolution (2014) I had falling in love with (hed) p.e. a lifetime ago when drunk in a bar I heard for the first time their song “Bartender”. I write about that when they released in 2009 the killer album entitled “New World Orphans” and mention it again, one year later when they delivered “Truth Rising”, their eighth studio album.
Four years might feels like another lifetime, but Jared Gomes is back and he is furious, maybe even more determined then ever. Those wicked riffs, those dub and reggae flavored grooves and hardcore rooted intensity are always refreshing, although sometimes some of them are sound quite familiar.
Hed PE, also known as (hed) Planet Earth and stylized as (həd) p.e. was formed by Vocalist Jared Gomes, also known as “M.C.U.D.” (MC Underdog), and guitarist Wes Geer in 1994 and released the self-financed extended play, “Church of Realities” only one year later.
They signed with Jive Records, releasing their self-titled debut album in 1997. Unfortunately, due to the label’s contractual terms and the disappointing sales of the album, the band found themselves unable to repay the cash advances given to them by Jive. Gomes is quoted as saying “We had these romantic visions of the music industry, and we thought it would be cool to be a punk band on a rap label. So we fulfilled that dream, but it was also probably the worst thing that could have happened. We’ve had offers from Sony and others that we can’t take because we owe Jive so much money.” Read more (hed) p.e. – Evolution (2014)

Skindred – Kill The Power (2014)

Skindred - Kill The Power (2014)

Skindred - Kill The Power (2014) Benji Webbe and his comando (Daniel Pugsley – bass; Mikey Demus – guitar, backing vocals; and Arya Goggin – drums) of reggae-metal from Welsh are back with their fifth studio album entitled “Kill the Power”. He stated about the titled and the upcoming album: “We are more than excited to unleash this Skindred bomb on the world! Kill The Power is for all them that are sick of being the underdog, and wanna step up and destroy all those who oppress and hold them down! Use this album as a backdrop to overcome and take your life back! We ain’t fighting the power no more – we are definitely killing it!!” And they delivered probably their best album so far.
Filled-up with powerful, nu-metal flavored riffs, dub aromas, wicked electronic layers, reggae rooted grooves and hardcore attitude, Skindred seems to be at the pick of their intensity and take no prisoners. This is a colorful, heavy, banging and surprising throughout album and probably live it will grind you into the ground for good. Read more Skindred – Kill The Power (2014)

Jah Wobble and Keith Levene – Yin and Yang (2012)

Jah Wobble and Keith Levene – Yin and Yang (2012) It’s something in the air, and I don’t mean love, this must be the year of P.I.L. (Public Image Ltd). First John Lydon teamed up again with former (and future) PiL members Lu Edmonds, Scott Firth and Bruce Smith and recorded and release the first new PiL album, “This is PiL” after two decades. Then founder PiL members, bassist Jah Wobble and guitarist Keith Levene revisited this year the PiL’s groundbreaking 1980’s album “Metal Box” – which they were the driving forces behind – with several highly-acclaimed shows performing “Metal Box in Dub live”. Now they make a step even further and they decide it record some new material which became “Yin and Yang”, a 10 track journey in the outer limits of Dub and Post-Punk/Modern Rock. Read more Jah Wobble and Keith Levene – Yin and Yang (2012)

Dub Pistols – Worshipping The Dollar (2012)

No sex, but dub!! Still, quite addictive and possible, contagious!
Formed and surfaced in London, in 1996, by ex-club promoter, producer, vocalist, DJ, Barry Ashworth, busted out declaring “There’s Gonna Be A Riot”. While their incendiary live show ensured a solid worldwide following through relentless touring, the records took their own path, moving swiftly on from initial Big Beat Whoopee into celebrations of two lifetimes of musical obsessions, the Reggae-Punk implications of the Dub Pistols moniker just the launch-pad. Merging melodious Pop with edge-cutting Dub and not loosing for a single second the biting tooth of Punk, Dub Pistols grown into a murderous entertaining machine bringing serious social issues to the dance floor. Read more Dub Pistols – Worshipping The Dollar (2012)

Skafandr – Glaz (2012)

Labeled “dub metal” and delivered directly from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, “Glaz” it’s an absolutely refrashing mixture of metal and dub, one of the most efficient and criminal combination of this genres far as I heard. We’ve got 10 perfectly groovy and killer tracks.Evgenii Rybnikov – guitar, Igor Rusinovich – guitar, Yuri Vitel – bass-guitar, and Kirill Soloviev – drums find not only the perfect balance between styles, but actually write a couple of great songs, which, we have to admit it, it’s kind of rare thing in the nowadays excessively patternized music… industry. In other words, Skafandr have soul. Read more Skafandr – Glaz (2012)

Tom Block – Initiation (2012)

Blending electronica with psychedelic spices of the 60’s, trip hop and breakbeat elements with alternative rock and protopunk sequels, Tom Block’s debut album, “Initiation” seems to be a comfortable trip, a borderless experiment of smooth collisions of sounds and vibes. “Playa Nueva” reminded me of Fischer-Z – and The Clash – and that reggae-influenced pop (rock) vibe merged into the pulse of the lo-fi bedroom feeling gives the album’s special taste. If the 80’s were under the sign of “cock-rock”, this is the age of “coach-rock”. It’s time to light up and lay back, eventually dive down.
In a world of constant conflicts, struggles and turbulence, this might be the perfect shelter, an island of break. Chill and relax, Tom Block delivers the soundscape of this imaginary getaway. Read more Tom Block – Initiation (2012)

Apollo 440 – The Future’s What It Used to Be (2012)

Apollo 440 – The Future’s What It Used to Be (2012) I was waiting this one for quite a while. Their previous album, “Dude Descending a Staircase” was released in 2003, nine f*cking years is over an eternity in music industry nowadays. Kids of today probably have not even the memories of “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Dub” as probably they don’t have a clue who the fuck is Eddie Van Halen! Still and unsurprisingly, Apollo 440 (alternately known as Apollo Four Forty or @440) came back with a powerful and fresh album, the trendy dubstep frequency oscilation and bass wobblings are incorporated into their noisy electronics and rocking construction, and definitively they delivered – once again – a mandatory killer album. Read more Apollo 440 – The Future’s What It Used to Be (2012)

Playing For Change – PFC 2 – Songs Around the World (2011)

Gathering together brilliant artists including Baaba Maal, Keb Mo, Sandra de Sá, Taj Mahal, Tinariwen, Carlos Vives, Roger Ridley, Grandpa Elliot, Stephen Marley, Mermans Kenkosenki, Char and Toumani Diabate, this second release by Playing for Change, “Songs Around the World” is a refreshing collection of covers reinterpreted in a key of exotic mixture of raggae, dub, African drums, blues and soul.
“Playing For Change” is a multimedia music project created by the American producer and sound engineer Mark Johnson with his Timeless Media Group, that seeks to bring together musicians from around the world. Read more Playing For Change – PFC 2 – Songs Around the World (2011)

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Thievery Corporation – Culture of Fear (2011)

While Brits have Massive Attack, Americans have Thievery Corporation. In 1996 Thievery Corporation released “Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi”, their debut album, and with it they defined an entire genre of music and crystallized their distinct “outernational sound” aesthetic. Thievery Corporation was formed in the summer of 1995 at Washington D.C.’s Eighteenth Street Lounge by Rob Garza and Eric Hilton. Over the next 14 years the duo would write and record four more critically acclaimed studio albums (“The Mirror Conspiracy” – 2000, “The Richest Man in Babylon” – 2002, “The Cosmic Game” – 2005, and “Radio Retaliation” – 2008), three remix albums (“Abductions and Reconstructions” – 1999, “Babylon Rewound” – 2004, and “Versions” – 2006), and various DJ mixes and film soundtracks (“The Outernational Sound” – 2004, and the recent Babylon Central Film Soundtrack). On the album “The Cosmic Game” featured high-profile guest singers including Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, David Byrne, and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.
In 2006, the band also recorded “Sol Tapado” for the AIDS benefit album Silencio=Muerte: Red Hot + Latin Redux produced by the Red Hot Organization. In 2006 they toured around the United States, playing at Lollapalooza and they were the opening act on August 1, 2009 for Sir Paul McCartney at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland. Read more Thievery Corporation – Culture of Fear (2011)