Skafandr – Glaz (2012)

Labeled “dub metal” and delivered directly from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, “Glaz” it’s an absolutely refrashing mixture of metal and dub, one of the most efficient and criminal combination of this genres far as I heard. We’ve got 10 perfectly groovy and killer tracks.Evgenii Rybnikov – guitar, Igor Rusinovich – guitar, Yuri Vitel – bass-guitar, and Kirill Soloviev – drums find not only the perfect balance between styles, but actually write a couple of great songs, which, we have to admit it, it’s kind of rare thing in the nowadays excessively patternized music… industry. In other words, Skafandr have soul.

Skafandr – comes from Greek. σκάφος — boat, ship + ανδρός — genitive case of ανήρ — man. Literally translated means “boatman”, figuratively “diver”.
The sound of Skafandr is a variety of twisted elements, sequentially compelling the attention like a mosaic with its psychedelic alternation of futurism and reality.
This psychedelic instrumental trio blends dub and metal, but the members of the project say that the definition “dub-metal,” which is often used to describe the band’s style, shouldn’t be taken literally. In this particular case “dub” means doubling, i.e. repeating the pieces like digitally looping music. The word “metal” also has a slightly different meaning. Despite quite heavy sound it’s more of defining the state than the form. Elements of reggae are also found in their music but the most accurate definition of Skafandr’s sound is psychedelic, similar to the prose of William Burroughs’s novel, “Nova Express” – “Heavy Metal People of Uranus wrapped in cool blue mist of vaporized bank notes…”
Skafandr have already released five albums. The most known is «Kill the Voice» – the double album of the band. The first CD contains only instrumental artworks and the second – same tracks but with vocals of 13 invited rock stars. In 2010 Skafandr have already recorded the joint CD «The Point of Support» with one of the iconic Russian musicians.
Apart from that the band recorded two original soundtracks for computer games «Stalingrad» and «Black Mark». The game Stalingrad (DTF GAmes) had good sales in Europe and the media underlined that the soundtrack was exceptionally good. The music of the band was also used in popular cartoon shows «6,5» and «Bo Store» (from the creator of Masyanya), and also in multimedia comics Hitless (USA).
The band has also released several EP and splits.
The band’s video Human won The best animation award at FNI(A) Awards 2007 Festival in Australia, and also The best Music Video award at RAMP 2006.
The band performed in Russia and CIS, in small cozy pubs, big stadiums and arenas. Skafandr supported Skunk Anansie, Matisyahu, Nadja. On November 8th they will be supporting Red Snapper. (from they Official Bio)


01. Gravitation Period (3:31)
02. A Few Dramatic Situations (4:42)
03. A heavy Earth (3:48)
04. (The) Limits (4:24)
05. All Microbes Will die (5:17)
06. Nw (0:53)
07. Evil-Beyond-Bounds-Ack! (5:01)
08. Times Of Year 2 (4:49)
09. Incubation Period (3:27)
10. Somewhere In The Night Cities Glimmer (6:54)

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