Tom Block – Initiation (2012)

Blending electronica with psychedelic spices of the 60’s, trip hop and breakbeat elements with alternative rock and protopunk sequels, Tom Block’s debut album, “Initiation” seems to be a comfortable trip, a borderless experiment of smooth collisions of sounds and vibes. “Playa Nueva” reminded me of Fischer-Z – and The Clash – and that reggae-influenced pop (rock) vibe merged into the pulse of the lo-fi bedroom feeling gives the album’s special taste. If the 80’s were under the sign of “cock-rock”, this is the age of “coach-rock”. It’s time to light up and lay back, eventually dive down.
In a world of constant conflicts, struggles and turbulence, this might be the perfect shelter, an island of break. Chill and relax, Tom Block delivers the soundscape of this imaginary getaway. Read more Tom Block – Initiation (2012)

Benji Boko – Beats, Treats and All Things Unique (2011)

So, this is the new dancefloor/DJ sensation from U.K. featuring Maxi Jazz, Deuce Eclipse, Ricky Rankin and Mr. Louis (Boko’s seven year old cousin 😀 ) as contributing artist. Benji delivering a mixture of Electronic Funk and Trip-Hop, it’s smooth as it’s danceable, retro perfumed, but sounds kind of fresh. Take Jamiroquai and throw it in a blender with the Gorillaz and you will get something pretty close to this. The skits are kind of funny, the “music” is a minimalist, meticulously calculated series of samplers, sequencers and switches, classic beats and turns coloured with few smooth jazz piano and guitar cuts. It takes only a MIDI sequencing, multitrack recording and mixing software – for instance the excessively user-friendly ACID Pro 7 – and using the proper loop library, even my 4 years old son can deliver a few catchy dancefloor firestarters. And this lead me back to something else: not the bloody “music” matters, but who you know and who stands behind you – how many asses you kissed and most importantly, who’s ass. Read more Benji Boko – Beats, Treats and All Things Unique (2011)

Lamb – 5 (2011)

Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow parted their ways in 2004 to go on divergent solo projects after four beautiful electronic albums. Six years later, talking on the phone and catching up, their considered the time it’s right to make another Lamb album. And this is it. “5” will be released on May 5 and the pre-ordered special limited-edition version consist in 15 tracks. The flawless blend of baffled beats, intriguing textured ambience and lush, the soulful melodies and color of exciting noises are merged into this highly pulsing new material, Lamb sounds fresh, distinguished, alive and kicking, the best possible mixture of experimental trip hop and pumping drum and bass. Aside from trip hop and drum and bass, their musical style is included a mixture of jazz and dub. Read more Lamb – 5 (2011)

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