Lamb – 5 (2011)

Lou Rhodes and Andy Barlow parted their ways in 2004 to go on divergent solo projects after four beautiful electronic albums. Six years later, talking on the phone and catching up, their considered the time it’s right to make another Lamb album. And this is it. “5” will be released on May 5 and the pre-ordered special limited-edition version consist in 15 tracks. The flawless blend of baffled beats, intriguing textured ambience and lush, the soulful melodies and color of exciting noises are merged into this highly pulsing new material, Lamb sounds fresh, distinguished, alive and kicking, the best possible mixture of experimental trip hop and pumping drum and bass. Aside from trip hop and drum and bass, their musical style is included a mixture of jazz and dub.

“5” is intriguingly chill and still extremely electrifying. “Rounds”, “Butterfly Effect”, “Strong The Root”, “Build A Fire” – and so on – are all intense and sensitive songs, have a kind of magnetic and hypnotizing effect simultaneously. Deep and pumping sounds are nicely glued with the airy, mysterious textures and the warm, caressing voice of Lou Rhodes. Exciting and chilling, this is simply beautiful.

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