Zardonic goes metal again

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Zardonic goes metal again Zardonic never kept secret his soft spot for metal. He had previously some noisy and contorted collaborations with several bad-ass metal artists and definitively he will keep having this kind of violent audio clashes. His powerful metal roots are clearly detectable on his early demos, early demos which also now are made available!
In the celebration of his 10th anniversary, Bass Metal overlord Zardonic has released three tracks in collaboration with Sweden’s metal prodigies, The Unguided (led by ex-Sonic Syndicate members), included in the limited edition of their most recent album “Fragile Immortality”. The tracks included are “When All The Seraphim Cry”, “Unguided Entity (Zardonic Remix)” and “Deathwalker (Zardonic Remix)”, featuring the voice of Hansi Kürsch, frontman of the legendary german heavy metal band Blind Guardian.
“Fragile Immortality” has been available in Europe since the 31st of January, and is available in North America today, February 14th, so you can celebrate your Valentine’s Day properly.
The label in charge of the album’s release is the legendary Napalm Records, who’s amazing roster includes Candlemass, Cavalera Conspiracy, DevilDriver, Grave Digger, Hate, Kampfar, Lacrimas Profundere, Legion of the Damned, Monster Magnet, Moonspell, Summoning, Tiamat, Tristania and Vintersorg, to mention a few. Read more Zardonic goes metal again

Free Downloads for hot Holidays including Gary Numan and Ghostpoet

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Happy Holidays f*ckers and as we used to say: everything you wish for me it will happen to you twice! I spend lot of time this year doing remixes and improving my production skills, learned a few tricks and developed new sounds, so, here we go, I’ve got for you 6 tracks, exactly 29.08 minutes of banging noise, free download including artists such as Gary Numan, Ghostpoet, Avia and SerialKillers. Enjoy!!

Brushvox – Lovageddon Suicide, remixes (2012)

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Featuring 13 remixes of some well-known artists such as Blood On The Dance Floor, Chester French, Dynasty Electric, Chrystian, Ca$hin’ Out, Matisyahu, Byzant At Sunset, Daniel Bedingfield, Civil Twilight, Serj Tankian and Cypress Hill, “Lovageddon Suicide” it’s the new collection of completely re-shaped and own-flavored remixes by Brushvox.
This time in the first half are featuring the more dance/club oriented tracks, but this is still quite an underground taste-like, self-labeled Doomstep, and not that fancy, trend-rider Dubstep which is so-pushed by the media lately.
The second half, including 3 Civil Twilight, and one of each, Serj Tankian, respectively Cypress Hill remixes are even further experimental and dark takes on the originals.
Actually, most of these so-called remixes have very little to do (amd share) with the originals and are mainly completely different re-interpretations of the originals using mostly exclusively the vocal track from them.
Free Download – Enjoy! Read more Brushvox – Lovageddon Suicide, remixes (2012)

Mr. Pan[k]sament – Doomstep Prophecies – The Remixes (2012) FREE DOWNLOAD!

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Remixing isn’t a good business and generally speaking remixers are mainly disconsidered. Half way between sound engineers and musicians, remixers are doomed. If you deliver a better track then the original, the artist will definitively hate you. A friend of mine, Bluetrax explains it precisely: “See, the perfect world of music works like this: if you have a weak production, the remix cannot by any means be better than your original. so, for you as a remixer it’s a waste of time trying to get the best out of you. just try to please the world with some more senseless crap. anyway, that’s how it works most of the time. that’s why so many musicians have to fight for their rights and their money 😉 ”
I lost the numbers on the way, don’t know exactly how many remixes I did this year – already. Many. Probably too many. Here we go, 30 new tracks, FREE DOWNLOAD – in return, eventually you can vote for some of the contests I’m still in: Matisyahu, Kimbra, The Temper Trap  and Jason Mraz. Thanks – appreciate it! Read more Mr. Pan[k]sament – Doomstep Prophecies – The Remixes (2012) FREE DOWNLOAD!

Hakan Ludvigson – July, EP (2012)

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Producer, songwriter, DJ and record label owner; at 27, Håkan Ludvigson has already begun to make an imprint on the electronic music scene. In September 2011 he is taking the big leap as an original artist, releasing his debut artist album “Soulroom” on CD on his own Substream label.
He is living and breathing electronic music. Up to 2011, his productions have been mostly house and techno, engineered for DJs and clubs, released on vinyl.
“July” is a beautiful, romantic dream of a deep house track taken from Håkan’s debut studio album “Soulroom” , released last year.
Clubers and lovers will dig this seriously. Read more Hakan Ludvigson – July, EP (2012)

Remix Let Me Go the new single by Young London

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Matt and Sarah began writing music together last year (’11) and pretty soon they started working on their debut album under the direction of producer Mark Maxwell (Blake Lewis, Boys Like Girls). Some describe the result as 90’s throwback – something like Danny Tanner invited Daft Punk over for dinner. The duo embarked on their first US tour this summer, and their spark ignited a buzz that reaches from coast to coast. Part of this conquer, they deliver their new single to Indaba for a remix contest.
The Grand Prize Winner, as chosen by the Judges from all of the submissions, will: receive $1,000; Have their remix included on an official Young London release by Fugitive Recordings; Receive a signed copy of Young London’s self titled album; and Receive a 1-year Pro Membership to Indaba Music.
Also, 5 Honorable Mentions, as chosen by the Judges from the 10 most popular remixes, will each receive a signed copy of Young London’s self titled album and a 1-year Pro Membership to Indaba Music.
“Should I Stay or Should I Go”? 🙂 Read more Remix Let Me Go the new single by Young London

Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1234567 (2011)

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Radiohead gone to Ibizia? Surprisingly obsessive, minimal and gloomy, “The King of Limbs”, the eighth studio album by Radiohead now got a remix “brother”, the two-CD of “TKOL RMX 1234567″ which compiles a series of seven 12” vinyl singles/EPs, also released as digital downloads from the band’s website in both MP3 and WAV file types.
Dense and tense, “TKOL RMX 1234567” is not a friendlier version of some of the gloomy songs of “The King of Limbs” as some might expected, there are no dubstep, techno, house or euro-trance remixes, but quite gentle and full of consideration reassembles of the original tracks. I actually expected something more creative and less ambiental. Most of these 19 bands involved in this project seems to be quite intimidated by Radiohead and the appetite for experimentation with these songs seems to be reduced to simply apply their usual sonic tricks to the songs, eventually changing some rhythmic schemes and adding some additional sonic layers, but staying in the same weird and minimalist approach as the originals.
While I’m still not quite comfortable with “The King of Limbs”, this remix album only raise few more questions. Read more Radiohead – TKOL RMX 1234567 (2011)

t.A.T.u. – Waste Management Remixes (2011)

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Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova made some waves in 2002 not only with the song “Not Gonna Get Us”, but also with all the controversial discussions about that they are lesbians – or not. Later, in 2004, Katina then stated: “He (producer Ivan Shapovalov) made us out to BE lesbians when we were just singing FOR lesbians. We wanted people to understand them and not judge them. That they are as free as anyone else.” And Volkova stated: “He spends his time thinking up scandals instead of planning our artistic work. I’m sure our fans would rather hear new songs and new albums than new scandals.” The band’s name – t.A.T.u. – “Тату”, refers to a shortened version of the Russian “Та любит Ту (Ta lyubit Tu)”, meaning “She loves her” and it was the idea of the producer Ivan Shapovalov. The first single was completed in Autumn 2000, entitled “Ya Soshla S Uma” released in English as “All The Things She Said”. Their first album, “200 Po Vstrechnoy” was released on May 21, 2001 and the English version of the album was released one year later, entitled “200 km/h in the Wrong Lane”. In May 2003, t.A.T.u. represented Russia at Eurovision Song Contest 2003, where they placed third. In 2003, the act released the first compilation CD of remixes, titled “Remixes”. In early 2004, t.A.T.u. legally broke their contract with Ivan Shapovalov and soon after announce their split. Read more t.A.T.u. – Waste Management Remixes (2011)

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