Mustard Plug – Can’t Contain It (2014)

Mustard Plug – Can’t Contain It (2014)

Mustard Plug – Can’t Contain It (2014) Lighten up and have fun! – in few words this is the essence of what Mustard Plug delivers on their eighth studio album. In August 2013, Mustard Plug used KickStarter to fund the recording of their new album. “Can’t Contain” will be officially released by No Idea Records yesterday, January 14, 2014. We’ve got 14 high-energy, groovy ska-punk anthems. The album feature cover art by Jeff Rosenstock of Bomb the Music Industry, which, in my opinion, it’s pretty inexpressive, but fortunately, the music compensate. But honestly, in a CD shop lost between million of albums, I would definitively skip this one.
The album starts like a party and it’s a party throughout! “We Came To Party” will be definitively a party anthem with its “hey ho” chorus. It have a more edgy punk vibe then the rest of the tracks, felt a tie back to Dead Kennedys, but with a ska outfit and flavor. Cool. Read more Mustard Plug – Can’t Contain It (2014)

SLIVER – Disobey Giants (2012)

The mainstream success of some new wave American Punk bands such as Green Day and The Offspring bring the genre back in focus and Punk, once again, eventually even further, became trendy. The downside of this global success was the loosing of the essence, the spirit, the edge of the Punk movement and from its rebellious vein it was twisted into soap box packed and bubble gum flavored “something” – anything, but not protestant, message carrying music. On the other hand, bands such as Propagandhi, Anti-Flag, and not at least SLIVER, proves that… PUNKS NOT DEAD!
SLIVER declared their solidarity and support with the global Occupy  movement and the leading single and video, “Dead President$”, of their new album, “Disobey Giants”, consist of footage s taken from Grounded TV’s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC and Vancouver.
With more than 200 shows in 11 countries (France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, the United Kingdom), SLIVER is a rocking hardcore band from Belgium/France/Luxembourg. Formed in 1999, they recorded a bunch of demos, released 2 EPs, a split-single with French author Alain Damasion, and on 28 September 2012 released their second album, “Disobey Giants”. Read more SLIVER – Disobey Giants (2012)

Destroy Nate Allen – With Our Powers Combined (2012)

Nate Allen sounds pissed off. I said pissed off? Very pissed off. “Emergency” is a killer track, and not the only one out of 15 brand new genuine Punk anthems. And I would accentuate the word genuine. This is absolutely honest and breathing music, nothing sounds fake, prefabricated, predictable and tasteless, empty. They put lot of soul and energy into this. This time Nate and Tessa are backed-up by a full band and this definitively gave a plus energy to this songs. And not at least in this dark times, this is fun. What the hell, we talk occasionally On the Internet, don’t we?
Destroy Nate Allen started as the solo/quiet acoustic musings of Nate Allen and has evolved and twisted into a two piece Rock’N’Roll attack, sharply focused on showing people a good time.
Combining Tessa’s impulsive theatrical urges with Nate’s love for early 90′s Pop Punk, DNA play Folk music like Punk Rock and definitively they make you sing, laugh and dance, buy another beer down in the club, and eventually buy their CD. Read more Destroy Nate Allen – With Our Powers Combined (2012)

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Magic Of Youth (2011)

You have been good, children? St. Nicholas filled your boots with gifts, cookies and sweets overnight? I’ve got something sweet for you today kids. The ninth studio album from Boston ska punk band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, “The Magic Of Youth”, released today, 6th December, 2011 on Big Rig Records will definitively cheer up your day. Sick of too much hatred? Sick of winter? Sick of another day? Well, this definitively gives another perspective, it will make a difference, will bring at least a sunshine. No emo-shit, no post-whatever, no alternative – or alternated – metal. This is straight, simple, charming ska/punk rock, served hot and full flavored. Read more The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Magic Of Youth (2011)

Bomb The Music Industry! – Vacation (2011)

Bomb the Music Industry!’s sixth full-length sounds just like a fun summer album and I swear, I could kill for a vacation!
BTMI! probably have the most devoted fan base in the US. They do everything with enthusiasm and electrifying energy, while the “secret” of their success is the fun, intimate, and personal approach. From fun ska-punk to pop punk there’s maybe not a far way, BTMI! managed to stay between and delivered 13 new tracks of conscious feel good. And I’m envious for this while I’m admiring them for this. This is love/hate. Some people love them for their disregard for conventions, for their stupid lyrics, their shouted, silly gang vocals and sloppy riffs, others hate them for all of this. I’m caught between. Read more Bomb The Music Industry! – Vacation (2011)

311 – Universal Pulse (2011)

Being around for 23 years; released ten studio albums, one live album, four compilation albums, four EPs and four DVDs; achieved triple platinum with their 1995 self-titled album, which reached #12 on the Billboard 200 and achieved platinum with one more album and gold with other two; and finally, but not at least, selling over 8 million records worldwide, 311 seems to be a quite successful recipe. Generally labeled as an alternative rock band, they are also classified as rap rock, rap metal, funk rock, funk metal, ska punk, pop punk, reggae and even jazz fusion. Their ten, and up to date shortest album – only 8 tracks -, “Universal Pulse”, will not clarify further their style and genre, it’s another colourful album, while some might even say, this is the same 311 album they’ve already heard it nine times before.
This is a summer album. Read more 311 – Universal Pulse (2011)

Lisabi – Au Diable Les Bananes (2011)

This year I had a few quite nice surprises from bands from Brazil. Most recently The Campbell Trio, in March I stumbled into MindFlow and The Tape Disaster, and there was a few others as well as I believe Sepultura once again delivered a consistent album again. So, Brazil rules, might be a dangerous place for strangers, but from the safe distance of my living room it’s something quite exciting about the world’s fifth largest country, about Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, the samba and the carnival, the girls and the music.
“Au Diable Les Bananes” migh be downloaded for free from HERE and Lisabi delivering a nice mixture of ska, jazz, punk and indie rock with exotic flavors and perfumes. Mateo Piracas on guitar and vocals, Sebastian Piraces on drums,  Gabriel Slenes on trumpet and vocals, Andra Cardoso on bass and vocals,  Matheus Fattori on guitars and vocals, and Anderson Kaltner on trombone and percussion delivered a vibrating, pulsing, colorful material. Read more Lisabi – Au Diable Les Bananes (2011)

The King Blues – Punk and Poetry (2011)

Or dub and hardcore. Whatever. But it’s “nice”, even if the world it’s not quite appropriate. Raggae, punk, dub, rock and hardcore are melting into one and The King Blues delivering another album with good pulse and groove, pumping rhythms, punk flashbacks and ska/dub mixture with hardcore attitude.
The King Blues started off in 2004, in London as a two man ska outfit, consisting of Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox playing ukulele and vocals and Jamie Jazz playing acoustic guitar and contributing vocals, fusing ska and folk together with influences from punk rock and hardcore punk. Influences include Public Enemy, The Clash, The Specials, Black Flag and Minor Threat. Full of energy, but not aggressive, more fun and refreshing. Read more The King Blues – Punk and Poetry (2011)

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