John Zorn – Psychomagia (2014)

John Zorn – Psychomagia (2014)

John Zorn – Psychomagia (2014) “Psychomagia” is the new album by the fabulous quartet of Abraxas, the follow up of the 2012’s “Abraxas: Book of Angels Volume 19”, the debut album by led by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz performing compositions from John Zorn’s second Masada book, “The Book of Angels”.
Now they perform a complex new suite of music written expressly for them by Downtown alchemist John Zorn in the same vivid manner of tribal rock. Drawing inspiration from the magical writings of Giordano Bruno, Alejandro Jodorowski and others, Zorn has written a bold collection of compositions that challenging the musicians and exploring the limits.
This new volume in Zorn’s mystic series matches the intensity and power of Moonchild, PainKiller and Naked City. Fans will devour it, but also those who are sometimes scared away bt Zorn’s abstract (astral?) journeys, may try and enjoy “Psychomagia”. Read more John Zorn – Psychomagia (2014)

Mehliana (Mark Guiliana and Brad Mehldau) – Taming the Dragon (2014)

Mark Guiliana & Brad Mehldau – Mehliana – Taming the Dragon (2014)

Mark Guiliana & Brad Mehldau – Mehliana – Taming the Dragon (2014) “Taming the Dragon” it’s the debut album from the electric duo Mehliana made of Brad Mehldau (synthesizers, Fender Rhodes and piano) and Mark Guiliana (drums and electronics). Because the dense electronics this have a powerful jazz-rock sound, but it’s a vividly groovy, experimental and breath taking experience throughout with space-rock inspired soundscapes and exciting jazz improvisations. There is an extremely refreshing balance between all the flavors, sounds, elements and moods of the album. Mark Guiliana delivered some extremely tasty drums while Brad Mehldau added dimensions and colors. A perfect mixture of passion, energy and experimentation with tasty melodies, meditative searching and emotions.
Mark Guiliana (born 1980, Florham Park, New Jersey, United States) is an American drummer, composer, and leader of the band Beat Music. He is known for his playing with Brad Mehldau, Meshell Ndegeocello, Gretchen Parlato, Jason Lindner, Lionel Loueke, Avishai Cohen (bassist), Avishai Cohen (trumpeter), Dhafer Youssef, Tigran Hamasyan, Matisyahu, European Read more Mehliana (Mark Guiliana and Brad Mehldau) – Taming the Dragon (2014)

Blue Touch Paper – Drawing Breath (2013)

Blue Touch Paper – Drawing Breath (2013)

Blue Touch Paper – Drawing Breath (2013) Featuring drummer Benny Greb, saxophonist Mark Lockheart, Stephan Maass on percussion & electronics, guitarist Chris Montague, Edward Maclean on bass and Colin Towns (from Ian Gillan Band and Gillan) on keyboards; Blue Touch Paper it’s a Brit-German jazz-rock fusion band while ‘Drawing Breath’ it’s their second album released on the 14th October 2013. Their music it’s a rainbow like colorful mixture of sounds, styles and genres, from Garbarek to Pink Floyd and from ethnic flavored jazz to chilled down and spacy breakdowns, ‘Drawing Breath’ got it all and surprisingly, all those moving parts are coming together nicely and everything make perfect sense. We’ve got 12 songs and over one hour of exciting, groovy music. Read more Blue Touch Paper – Drawing Breath (2013)

Keith Jarrett – No End (2013)

Keith Jarrett – No End (2013)

Keith Jarrett – No End (2013) Everybody – at least in my shattered corner of the universe – knows that Keith Jarrett is one of the greatest jazz pianist. But what about a series of (almost home) recordings made in his small private studio back in 1986 where Keith Jarrett plays electric guitars, Fender bass, drums, percussion, table, some vocals and only rarely some piano. He also added an advice for the listener in the footnotes of the record: “Play this music LOUD, especially tracks 2 to 20, since many inner details will be lost at lower volumes.” Some critics, “musical experts” (whatever that may mean!) rushed to scream bloody murder and pointed out that this is not jazz. I’m not an expert, but I’m quite curious what they think jazz is? Listening track II I definitively felt like I was i the room where Miles Davis and his very honorable mates recorded “Bitches Brew”. But well, many (idiots) believe that what Miles did after ’68 was not jazz either, so, nothing’s shocking, this planet can bear much more then we can think of.
The other “argument” is that there are no developed melodies and no “real” song structures, only the same type of jamming throughout. It’s probably true, but not heaving rigid song structures and repetitive melodies it’s not something new, building and exploring out of the box was always a way to get further in jazz and avant-garde music, sometimes even in pop (culture). Seriously guys, did you expected that Jarrett will deliver a collection of standards played on guitar, bass and drums? Read more Keith Jarrett – No End (2013)

Trunks – On The Roof (2011)

“Hardfiscurry” is one of the most glowing and exciting record opener track I heard lately. It has an excellent and tensioned groove and something quite hypnotic which keeps you nailed for everything what’s coming up next. “Screaming Idiots” kicks out as a punk rock anthem, but the screaming saxophone reminds me of Morphine and shift the mood from Crass to Last Exit. Trunks is one of the best bands I had the pleasure to listen recently, they are alive and do not fit in into the trendy patterns. And each song is a different path into another universe.
As they say, they are not actually a band in the classic sense, but more a creative collective building music and gathering around the poetry of Jack Kerouac. Read more Trunks – On The Roof (2011)

Fluxious – Why So Serious (2011)

Formed in 2009 at Geneva, Switzerland, Fluxious bring to the surface an intense blending of rock and metal with jazz elements, it’s more heavy than jazz, but still at the border of fusion and to make things a little bit exciting, guitarist Germain, bass player Guillaume and drummer Maxence put to the microphone a girl called Joana. “Why So Serious” is dynamic, heavy and kind of complex material, still it’s not bearish, it flows alright, hard rock moments are shifted by heavy riffings or melodious choruses, and Joana singing in the style and manner of Sandra Nasić (Guano Apes). 12 songs, good tempo and rhythm, some interesting turns and a few good themes, in short words this is “Why So Serious” about. Read more Fluxious – Why So Serious (2011)

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Contemporary Noise Sextet – Ghostwriter’s Joke (2011)

This is a vibrating, colorful, sometimes film like, but in the next moment explosively intense jazz album from Poland. The Kapsa brothers, who earlier formed the legendary emo-hardcore band called Something Like Elvis, established originally the Contemporary Noise Quintet transformed afterwards into Sextet. Their debut album called “Pig Inside The Gentleman” was released in the autumn of 2006. The variety of sounds does not allow pigeonholing their music style unambiguously. Smooth and hard elements crossing over in a dense texture of colorful elements, it’s like kind of film music without movie and jazz music without being quit jazz, but still, very classy tunes and elements are perfectly built in into the improvising and sometimes quit jazz-rock fusion taste like music. There’s actually no “noise” in their music, but definitively this is absolutely contemporary, breathing and alive music with exciting turns, moods and charming pulse. Read more Contemporary Noise Sextet – Ghostwriter’s Joke (2011)