Trunks – On The Roof (2011)

“Hardfiscurry” is one of the most glowing and exciting record opener track I heard lately. It has an excellent and tensioned groove and something quite hypnotic which keeps you nailed for everything what’s coming up next. “Screaming Idiots” kicks out as a punk rock anthem, but the screaming saxophone reminds me of Morphine and shift the mood from Crass to Last Exit. Trunks is one of the best bands I had the pleasure to listen recently, they are alive and do not fit in into the trendy patterns. And each song is a different path into another universe.
As they say, they are not actually a band in the classic sense, but more a creative collective building music and gathering around the poetry of Jack Kerouac.

Laetitia Sheriff – bass, guitar, and voice, Daniel Paboeuf – saxophone, Stephane Fromentin and Florian Marzano – guitars and Regis Boulard – drums, delivered nine songs which incorporates from pop-rock themes to mind blowing jazz improvisations and from punk rock to psychedelic rock different ingredients and elements. Different moods, different grooves, but Trunks managed to tie them all together and “On The Roof” becomes a fascinating journey. Discover every hidden treasure for yourself. 🙂


01. Hardfiscurry 05:15
02. Screaming Idiots 01:48
03. Blue Dot 05:27
04. Derby 03:53
05. Clever White Youths 03:38
06. Who’s My Favourite ? 03:22
07. On The Roof 02:32
08. Kniee 09:17
09. First train Home 05:15

“On the Roof” is the band second full length album, their debut release called “Use Less” was released back in 2006.

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