Blue Touch Paper – Drawing Breath (2013)

Blue Touch Paper – Drawing Breath (2013)

Blue Touch Paper – Drawing Breath (2013) Featuring drummer Benny Greb, saxophonist Mark Lockheart, Stephan Maass on percussion & electronics, guitarist Chris Montague, Edward Maclean on bass and Colin Towns (from Ian Gillan Band and Gillan) on keyboards; Blue Touch Paper it’s a Brit-German jazz-rock fusion band while ‘Drawing Breath’ it’s their second album released on the 14th October 2013. Their music it’s a rainbow like colorful mixture of sounds, styles and genres, from Garbarek to Pink Floyd and from ethnic flavored jazz to chilled down and spacy breakdowns, ‘Drawing Breath’ got it all and surprisingly, all those moving parts are coming together nicely and everything make perfect sense. We’ve got 12 songs and over one hour of exciting, groovy music.

This animated film accompanies the track ‘Fair is Foul’ was created by animator Michael Tang based on the witches from Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


01. Attention Seeker 04:23
02. Isadora 10:47
03. Heaven 02:23
04. Suddently A Tango 05:32
05. Juggling With Strangers 07:23
06. The Joke 05:41
07. Fair Is Foul 05:02
08. Watch Out 05:33
09. Drawing Breath 05:57
10. Neon Shadows 05:30
11. Yes But No 06:04
12. 48 Prefabs And Forks No.60 07:27

The groove and the flow of this album it’s kind of magic and once you’re up an running, you can get out of it.
And as most of the critics revealed, Blue Touch Paper has no barriers. They follow the simple fact that there is only good or bad music. This is not a band to be labelled!
“My structured German mind tries to put it into boxes but doesn’t succeed” Benny Greb
“Colin’s music is optical music, it takes you on a trip…the challenge of this band is to play without fear” Stephan Maass
“a magic sweet shop…rarely does a piece of music demolish the well known conceptions of sound and structure” Jazz thing magazine
“powerful fusion jazz…one would urgently like to hear the band live” Financial Times (Germany) ‘Jazz CD of the Week’
“what a debut album…huge recommendation” drums & percussion magazine
“firework of inspiration” 9 star eclipsed magazine
“It breaks pattern and habits and leaves room for one’s own inspiration…only the one who is free of fear can play like this band does….it’s about a very open, courageous conversation between musicians, who part from virtuosity and confirmed habits, to embark on a collective journey taking their audience along with them”

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