eyeswithoutaface – Dead Friends EP (2015)

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eyeswithoutaface Dead Friends EP 2015 Released on 11 July 2015, the new EP from the Canadian project eyeswithoutaface brings brutality to the next level. Their rough and contorted mixture of post-industrial electronics with sludge/black/death metal leave the listener without any option, but to love or hate this sonic slaughter. Extreme metal at its best!! Related to Malhavoc, Godflesh and other alike oddities, eyeswithoutaface was formed in 2009 in Toronto, Canada, comprised of current members of Homolka, Kosmograd, John XII, Ancress and more.
They avowed that they are “somewhat inspired by a broad range of artists both within and outside of the doom/sludge, post-industrial, electronic and hip hop genres, and are sometimes compared to artists such as Godflesh, Nine Inch Nails, Swans, Red Harvest and Genghis Tron.”
And their music it’s quite complex and disturbing. I wrote about their debut album “Monotoneoteny” back in 2011 and they made it to my list of favorite releases of the year. They have something of their own and they explore musical places where nobody else dared to drift before. Sometimes this make the journey difficult, but keep it exciting throughout. Read more eyeswithoutaface – Dead Friends EP (2015)

Electric Worry – Back to Motor City, EP (2013)

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Electric Worry Back to Motor City 2013 Pierre (Bass – Vocal), Léo (Guitar) and Batiste (Drum) are the members of the French stoner rock band Electric Worry and ” Back to Motor City” it’s their four track debut EP – Digital album: name your price/free; limited edition CD for €5 at their Bandcamp page.
Although they choose their name inspired by the American band Clutch (track 6 from their 2007’s released, eighth studio album entitled “From Beale Street to Oblivion”), and they are singing in English, as a genuine French band, I did not find one single word in English about them on their official internet profiles and pages. Well, my French sucks – a lot – merde!! On the other hand, translator softwares are freaking fun, so, I’m not gonna bitching more about it. But if the band really thinking of reach out a larger audience over the borders of France, at least an official bio in English, would be nice.
But then again, this is a cool band (I mean f*ckin’ heavy!!) and they worth – at least – a listen. Read more Electric Worry – Back to Motor City, EP (2013)

Cortez – Phoebus (2013)

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Cortez - Phoebus (2013) The Swiss trio are back and it’s time for the new set of dark and furious butchery! Although guitarist Antoine Tinguely (ex-Berserk For Tea Time) replaced former guitarist Samuel Vaney, Vaney is now supporting the band as composer/mixer.
While the drums were recorded in the REC Studio of Serge Morattel in Geneva, they recorded the guitars and vocals in their own rehearsal room, the new album is the result of hard work, giving the band big freedom in creation and the possibility to fully assume the production process. The sound it’s pretty raw, unpolished and have a pithy live vibe, if you pump up the volume high enough, almost feels like you are there in the rehearsal room. So, “Phoebus” it’s not about surgically clean sound and high-end production, but about the unleashed strength of metal, about the flesh ripper riffs and pounding like hell drums, about not making compromises, but expressing feelings through music. Read more Cortez – Phoebus (2013)

Mastodon – The Hunter (2011)

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Developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, heavy metal, a genre of rock music was declared dead and buried since in each and every decade. Formed in 1999, in Atlanta, Georgia, Mastodon with roots back in blues rock and psychedelic rock, with raw sludge riffs and powerful post-grunge flavors, delivering complex, multi-layered songs, but also memorable and cutting riffs, merging progressive elements with pure rock energy, prove once again that the heavy metal in its purest essence remains strong and fresh, capable of reinventing itself. Mastodon managed to sound classy and traditional being modern and creative, looking further.
Moved to Atlanta from Victor, New York, drummer Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher teamed up with bassist/singer Troy Sanders and guitarist/singer Brent Hinds and formed the band in late 1999. They recorded their first demo in 2000, which featured the band’s first lead singer, Eric Saner on vocals, but he left the band for personal reasons after just a couple of months and Troy Sanders take over most of the vocal duties. Read more Mastodon – The Hunter (2011)