dNeau & mSelv – Junior Spirit (2014)

dNeau & mSelc - Junior Spirit (2014)

dNeau & mSelc - Junior Spirit (2014) A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Music with roots back to the 70’s and 80’s, a wide and vivid space where disco meet psychedelic flavours and funk collide violently into acid pop. Grooves and feelings are drifting into the unknown in a quite disturbing after-hour trip. You take off on the wings of the sound, but you don’t know where you will landing. If you close your eyes and turn up the volume, you can fly. Or just simply you will falling up.
My personal favorites are the Bowie-feels-like “Chinoise” and the hypnotic title track, but there is a piece of cake for everybody who’s willing to listen!
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Green Day -Tre! (2012)

Green Day - Tre (2012) Why I bother to write about this? Well, probably because I get into this trilogy and after two bitter pills, the deadly strike it’s unavoidable. While “¡Uno!” was not so convincing, and “¡Dos!” was even worst, “¡Tré!” it’s definitively the most forgettable Green Day release ever. And one by one, even some of their most devoted fans are starting to give voice to their disappointment. Honestly, really don’t get it why Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, Tré Cool and Jason White get so stubbornly ambitious to release a trilogy while they hardly had enough songs for a barley mediocre simple album? And who actually expecting stupid (piano) ballads from – even a Pop – Punk band? And after all, who needs a soft and sweet Green Day these days anyway? Not even my 5 year old son. He prefers Rammstein.
Green Day announced that ¡Tré!’s released date had been pushed forward to December 11, along with the cancellation of the rest of the year’s tour and a postponement of their early 2013 arena tour dates. They also announced that Armstrong will probably hit the rehab while he’s seeking treatment for his serious alcohol issues. Read more Green Day -Tre! (2012)

Green Day – Dos (2012)

If “¡Uno!” was not so convincing, “¡Dos!” it’s even worst. Billie Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt in an interview stated that “¡Dos!” was going to have a “more garage rock — a little dirtier, like you’re in the middle of the party” sound. Well, honestly, this is pretty bubble-gum and Beatles flavored teenager-punk. Party maybe, garage and rawness definitively not. Nowadays Green Day are on urge to cashing-in, but their songs are less inspired then the most cheesy Beatles song ever, while “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” sounds like a Grindcore butchery versus “Fuck Time” for instance. This is (over) washed, perfumed, radio and media friendly prepared and packed, harmless, boring American subterfuge culture product like the cheeseburger, the Coke and president Obama. Very nice, but completely tasteless, fake and forgettable.
“Rubber Soul”, “Revolver”, and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, the Beatles albums from the mid 60’s were more Punk then this. Read more Green Day – Dos (2012)

Minor Sounds – The Humming (2012)

While the opening “Different Kind” is a spacy, almost Shoegaze disguised pretty gloomy song, the following tracks are more likely a mixture of Simon & Garfunkel with The Beatles, half way between the Beat vibe and the oversea perfumed mixture of Country and Folk, here and there with gentle electronic layers, but mostly staying in the warm, acoustic area of the music, mainly a mixture of Pop, Folk and Country.
“The Humming”, just as its title suggest, it’s a quiet, intimate journey in mainly friendly and familiar places. It’s actually “nice”, maybe too nice throughout and a few dissonances, unexpected twists, beat changes would make this dream-walk more interesting, or, maybe it is just me, always restless and fever burned! “Hailstorm” try to break up a little bit this “lullaby” feels like groove of the album bringing a little bit tension in; “Behind The Scenes” have a mysterious, glowing electronic pulse and groove, but throughout Mirna Stanic and Martin Zietek hesitate to breakout, make small steps close to the edge, but finally they don’t jump into the wilderness of the unknown. One of their best moment is the Garbage flavored “Gravity” with a more nervous groove; while the closing title track will rock you to the sweetest sleep smoothly. Read more Minor Sounds – The Humming (2012)

Iggy Pop – Apres (2012)

I was afraid of this and eventually I’m right. On the other hand, this is almost like a trip back to my childhood and back to some of the songs my mom and dad danced on. So, the brand new link between Joe Dassin, Serge Gainsbourg, Harry Nilsson, Yoko Ono, Edith Piaf, Georges Brassens, Henri Salvador, Cole Porter, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra is Iggy Pop. Since January 6, 2009, when original Stooges guitarist, and Iggy’s self-described best friend Ron Asheton was found dead, Iggy acts…. different. Meantime – on March 15, 2010 – The Stooges were included into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Iggy released “Préliminaires”, his less rock-oriented and deeply sad album, flirting with Blues and Jazz, inspired by a novel by French author Michel Houellebecq. And Iggy keep on hanging to this… French connection. “Après” (After) definitively would delight my parents and bring me back some memories, but honestly, I’m not a nostalgic at all and can’t really feel this. 10 sad songs are a little bit too depressing for me right now when the whole world seems to sinking… Read more Iggy Pop – Apres (2012)

Gossip – A Joyful Noise (2012)

This is a fucked-up world. Bitches are considered queens, morons are presented as geniuses, mediocre people are sold to the masses as leading artists. For any and each taste there is the right product to satisfy any and all of the needs. The difference between genuine and fake has been washed away.
A fabricated diva for ugly, health and weight troubled teenager girls?
Beth Ditto won the NME award in 2006 for “Coolest Person In Rock”, she won in 2008 the Glamour Awards for “International Artist Of The Year”, and believe it or not, but she was nominated in 2007 by NME for the “Sexiest Woman Of The Year” Award. Have nothing against of large women, but why I’m not surprised that Beth pretend she’s lesbian? Even through…. 😆 Fuck! I just blow my chances to win the remix contest! 😆 Fuck!
Gossip was formed in 1999 by vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Nathan “Brace Paine” Howdeshell and drummer Kathy Mendonca and they liking themselves and their music to post-punk bands such as The Birthday Party and Siouxsie And The Banshees, but well, Beth explained quite precisely what she consider being punk: not wearing deodorant or shaving under the armpits. What about the pubis? 😆 Read more Gossip – A Joyful Noise (2012)

Rufus Wainwright – Out Of The Game (2012)

I find out about Rufus through the remix contest on Indaba Music, which only proves that Indaba is a good promotional vehicle. As I said before, I really don’t care about the private life and private opinion of the artists, I’m an addicted music consumer, at least I was till not so long time ago, honestly, I quit smoking and it seems the barely musical products that the industry desperately trying to sell us 24 hours at day and 7 days at week can’t really make me interested anymore. Fortunately I kept my appetite for food and sex! For now at least.
So, Mr. Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright was a completely stranger to me before disintegrated his “Bitter Tears” into my “Glitter Fears” which at the end of the voting period of the contest finished on the 22nd – catch 22? – place out of 221, which is not a bad result considering all the facts. Read more Rufus Wainwright – Out Of The Game (2012)

Madonna – MDNA (2012)

Honestly I can not figure it out why Madonna needed ten more (top) co-producers among/beside her – Klas Åhlund, Alle Benassi, Benny Benassi, The Demolition Crew, Free School, Jimmy Harry, LMFAO, Michael Malih, Indiigo, William Orbit, Martin Solveig, and an even more impressive list of writers for this album and its 12 – absolutely mediocre – songs? This presumptive recipe of success was tried out by Britney Spears on her latest “Femme Fatale” album, and didn’t really worked. And I’m not talking strictly about selling figures, but songs to remains.
There are several good or better moments in some of these songs, but generally speaking it’s quit a pale album with nothing really outstanding on it. Maybe nothing must to be outstanding in Pop music generally speaking and not nowadays particularly, but still, Madonna used to pretend at least she’s a queen and she have something (different) to offer. Not this time. Read more Madonna – MDNA (2012)

Remix Let Me Go the new single by Young London

Matt and Sarah began writing music together last year (’11) and pretty soon they started working on their debut album under the direction of producer Mark Maxwell (Blake Lewis, Boys Like Girls). Some describe the result as 90’s throwback – something like Danny Tanner invited Daft Punk over for dinner. The duo embarked on their first US tour this summer, and their spark ignited a buzz that reaches from coast to coast. Part of this conquer, they deliver their new single to Indaba for a remix contest.
The Grand Prize Winner, as chosen by the Judges from all of the submissions, will: receive $1,000; Have their remix included on an official Young London release by Fugitive Recordings; Receive a signed copy of Young London’s self titled album; and Receive a 1-year Pro Membership to Indaba Music.
Also, 5 Honorable Mentions, as chosen by the Judges from the 10 most popular remixes, will each receive a signed copy of Young London’s self titled album and a 1-year Pro Membership to Indaba Music.
“Should I Stay or Should I Go”? 🙂 Read more Remix Let Me Go the new single by Young London