Madonna – MDNA (2012)

Honestly I can not figure it out why Madonna needed ten more (top) co-producers among/beside her – Klas Åhlund, Alle Benassi, Benny Benassi, The Demolition Crew, Free School, Jimmy Harry, LMFAO, Michael Malih, Indiigo, William Orbit, Martin Solveig, and an even more impressive list of writers for this album and its 12 – absolutely mediocre – songs? This presumptive recipe of success was tried out by Britney Spears on her latest “Femme Fatale” album, and didn’t really worked. And I’m not talking strictly about selling figures, but songs to remains.
There are several good or better moments in some of these songs, but generally speaking it’s quit a pale album with nothing really outstanding on it. Maybe nothing must to be outstanding in Pop music generally speaking and not nowadays particularly, but still, Madonna used to pretend at least she’s a queen and she have something (different) to offer. Not this time.

If there are some better moments, there are also some extremely embarrassing tracks too. “Superstar” sounds just like a children song, rarely heard something that stupid on an adult album. But “I’m a Sinner” for instance is not any “smarter”. And once again, Pop music should be…. smart? Definitively not… necessarily. Sometimes some stupid songs are become such great hits and I really don’t have any problem with that, but the trouble is that this songs are totally forgettable ones. No massive sound, no striking solutions, no hooks or memorable choruses, only boring and re-cycled dance beats and predictable musical cliches.
There are not at least one song on this album which can stay on its own fit (musically) without a great video or eventually the distracting live choreography. Another perfect case of of industry without soul and record without music. Good job, well done, it’s falling free! 😆


01 – Girl Gone Wild
02 – Gang Bang
03 – I’m Addicted
04 – Turn Up the Radio
05 – Give Me All Your Luvin’
06 – Some Girls
07 – Superstar
08 – I Don’t Give A
09 – I’m a Sinner
10 – Love Spent
11 – Masterpiece
12 – Falling Free

And this was the most anticipated album of 2012 voted as by the readers at the Billboard poll. Disappointing.

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6 comments on “Madonna – MDNA (2012)

  1. I guess it is a lot about attention craving…. Write what you want say what you say as long as you write about ME ME ME… and all those producers are supposed somehow to endorse the work… I mean if you did a remix wouldn’t you ‘be proud’ haha … just kidding…

    • Well, I think if Madonna had appeal to the skill of some of the guys from Indaba – for instance – she could have a much exciting and fresher collection of songs and I’m sure the world is full of unknown talented guys who might deliver excellent stuffs on a quite affordable price.

    • And well, Indaba is a pretty snob extension of the American music business, where musicians makes money out of other musicians, so, it might be a pretty nice pair, how they call it? “American sweethearts?” ….. 😆

      • sorry to hear that about indaba… thought that for a while it may not go that way… Seem that instead of being more fragmented and multi-polarised the internet is becoming the monopoly of the few with a limited agenda!… the battle is not for freedom of speech but for your little monopoly!

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