Minor Sounds – The Humming (2012)

While the opening “Different Kind” is a spacy, almost Shoegaze disguised pretty gloomy song, the following tracks are more likely a mixture of Simon & Garfunkel with The Beatles, half way between the Beat vibe and the oversea perfumed mixture of Country and Folk, here and there with gentle electronic layers, but mostly staying in the warm, acoustic area of the music, mainly a mixture of Pop, Folk and Country.
“The Humming”, just as its title suggest, it’s a quiet, intimate journey in mainly friendly and familiar places. It’s actually “nice”, maybe too nice throughout and a few dissonances, unexpected twists, beat changes would make this dream-walk more interesting, or, maybe it is just me, always restless and fever burned! “Hailstorm” try to break up a little bit this “lullaby” feels like groove of the album bringing a little bit tension in; “Behind The Scenes” have a mysterious, glowing electronic pulse and groove, but throughout Mirna Stanic and Martin Zietek hesitate to breakout, make small steps close to the edge, but finally they don’t jump into the wilderness of the unknown. One of their best moment is the Garbage flavored “Gravity” with a more nervous groove; while the closing title track will rock you to the sweetest sleep smoothly.

Minor Sounds is a dark folk/electronic project. “The Humming” comes from Brighton based singer/songwriter Mirna Stanich and Warsaw based producer Martin Zietek. It was recorded in a few living rooms in Brighton and Martin’s home studio in a village near Warsaw, bouncing tracks back and forth between them. The recordings were made between 2009 and 2012.
The title track of the album “The Humming” has been featured on Fat Cat Records Demo Compilation 2012 and received many plays on BBC Introducing: The South and recently on BBC Radio 6 Music.
Mirna moved to UK after finishing University in Croatia. The songs on the album follow the trials and tribulations of her first few years abroad. Through collaboration with Martin, whom she met in Brighton UK in 2008, she took a different turn musically and started incorporating electronics and producing her own music. At the moment she is working on her second album.
Martin comes from the Warsaw underground scene having played in an electronic band called Elektrolot, still hugely respected in Warsaw music circles. The band released one album on Teeto Records and fell apart during the writing of the second one due to difficult life circumstances. Martin has done music for theatres, documentaries and produced music for various bands in Warsaw, and Minor Sounds.

Members/Instruments: Mirna Stanic (Croatia) – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, piano, synths and organ, banjo, beats
Martin Zietek (Poland) – bass, electric guitars, electronics, Moog, beats, backing vocals

Guests: Igor Busljeta (Croatia) – live drums on a few tracks
John Roman “Mass” (UK) – beats and Moog on Gravity and Crooked Feet
Michael Dennis (UK) – violins on Clean Cut

Production: Martin Zietek & Mirna Stanic

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