The Duke Spirit – Bruiser (2011)

Alternative rock. It might sound boring, but The Duke Spirit seems to find their own way to blending the sound of the alternative noise rock/garage bands both with psychedelia and rock and roll and as bonus they also added a smooth taste of R&B, soul and Motown. The result is something like a scratchy and raw collision between The White Stripes and Blondie. Old obsessions dies slowly, still, almost every woman singer wants to be the next Debbie Harry or dreaming about becoming the next Alison Mosshart. And well, Liela Moss actually do a great job.
“Bruiser” is simultaneously honey and dust, raw rock and bitter-sweet melancholy. Read more The Duke Spirit – Bruiser (2011)

The Libertines – The Libertines (2004)

Coming on the second wave in the early 2000s of garage rock and post-punk revival bands along Arctic Monkeys, Bloc Party, The Editors and Franz Ferdinand, The Libertines delivered in 2004 their second, self-titled album which instantly reached #1 in the UK and it sold 72,189 copies in its first week. The album is included in the book “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die” and in 2006, NME placed the album 47 in a list of the greatest British albums ever. For a band released up to date only two albums, not a bad performance at all.
The Libertines were formed in London in 1997 by frontmen Carl Bar̢t (vocals/lead guitar) and Pete Doherty (vocals/rhythm guitar) and both of their full-length LPs were produced by Mick Jones, of the legendary British punk band The Clash. Read more The Libertines РThe Libertines (2004)

Snurfu – Bag of Bones – EP (2011)

Snurfu – Bag of Bones – EP (2011)

Snurfu – Bag of Bones – EP (2011) There’s not too many things to say about a band formed only three years ago and delivering their first EP. Watching their video for “372nd Military Police” on YouTube I was thinking they are a punk band juggling between New Model Army and The Exploited, later listening their four songs from the EP I realized this is (only) Rock (And Roll), there’s something raw, garage and punk taste-like about it, but still, this is unpolished, good-old Rock and it feels alright.
The opening “Your Sister Too” have a kind of Velvet Revolver after-taste, it’s right in the middle between Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots, between Rock and Post-Grunge. “My Empty Song” bring to the surface some Southern/Stoner roots and sounds, it’s quite classy and the guitar riff is actually pretty wicked. Read more Snurfu – Bag of Bones – EP (2011)

Black Jet Radio – Sex Sex Riot (2011)

It might sounds “dusty”, but this is absolutely straight, dirty, garage rock and raw as it is, no polish needed, this is only (“ugly”) rock’n’roll with roots both back to glam and punk rock.
Formed at Fort Wayne, Indiana, by guitarist and bass player Brian Jenkins of The Sacred Broncos and singer Danisha Jenkins. They recruited Shelby Siefring of Thunderhawk to work on drums and Danielle Teagarden on bass and guitar. Some of their first tracks, “Dead Wine” and “Ugly” brought to mind a Blondie meets The New York Dolls kind of approach mixed with Cabaret inspired vocals.
Singed to Riot House Records, their debut full-length album, “Sex Sex Riot” hits the stores in May 2011. Read more Black Jet Radio – Sex Sex Riot (2011)

The Locomotive Sound Corporation – Self Titled (2011)

Aureien Dubois-Pham from the Domino Media Agency bring them to my attention and well, it was a quite nice surprise.
How many times in the last few decades it was declared: “rock is dead!” and get buried? I think indie is dead. Or at least I thought so. Then out of blue appeared Jack and Meg White and at the break of the century they had their own little revolution and gave new sense for something which faded out of sense. Since, we’ve got The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, The Black Keys and a few other exciting acts. Now we’ve got to add another name to this list: The Locomotive Sound Corporation.
Instead Alison Mosshart we’ve got more like a raging PJ Harvey from ’93 (“Rid of Me”) and raw, garage rock with roots back to Sonic Youth. And the Parisian band got a fan-friendly attitude: this self titled, five track debut EP scheduled to be released on July 11, 2011 can be listen and downloaded from their Bandcamp page for $1 (“or more”). Read more The Locomotive Sound Corporation – Self Titled (2011)

Black Spires – — (2011)

“This is a collection of demo’s, not a real album,” and it’s available for FREE DOWNLOAD at the band’s Bandcamp page. Black Spires are a new band from Ghent, Belgium, consist of Olivier Copejans – music, vocals, guitars and programmed/played drums and bass, and Kristof Luyckx – guitar, working together since 2010. Imagine H.P. Zinker playing Pink Floyd songs (the 1967-1972 period) in a garage. It’s quite exciting, a little bit psychedelic, but cutting, drowned in the garage/noise rock approach and sound. Slower, tensioned moments are twisted into explosive, noise rock avalanches, they use exciting shifting of moods and themes, maintaining an intense groove, alternating  subtle, sometimes acoustic moments with intense and inspired rock themes, noisy releases. Read more Black Spires – — (2011)

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The Kills – Blood Pressures (2011)

Rawness and kind of retro polish with that garage indie touch, the forth album by The Kills have the same noise blues flavor which was cooked and licensed by Jack White with The White Stripes and re-invented with The Dead Weather. And while Alison Nicole Mosshart spend most of her time lately touring with The Dead Weather, it’s kind of natural the infusion of the style and sound from Mr. White. “Blood Pressures” is noisy, dirty, sounds like vinyl and I almost miss the sound of some nice scratches, but on the other hand it doesn’t have the tension of the late “Sea of Cowards”. This “hippies goes punk” approach it’s a winning recipe, but if there will be a million plus one similar products, every single record label will try to invent their “own White Stripes”, the whole shit will goes down just like any other good thing before.  Read more The Kills – Blood Pressures (2011)

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