Bang Ur Head [Take One] by byzantatsunset

Byzant At Sunset are back with a brand new track. In a world where the zeros and ones replaced the words and emoticons replaced the human touch, we’re kind of running out of roads, isn’t it?

Running out of fuel, running out of roads
Running out of questions, running out of thoughts,
Running out of answers, running out of pills,
Running out of bullets, running out of thrills…

Running out of girls, running out of boys,
Running out of friends, running out of toys,
Running out of feelings, running out of beer,
Running out of dreams, I’m running out of here.

Bang Your Head
Bang your head, bang your head, bang.
Bang Your Head.

Running out of fire, running out of rain,
Running out of sugar, running out of pain,
Running out of sea, running out of sun,
Running out of money, running out of fun…

Bang Your Head
Bang your head, bang your head, bang.
Bang Your Head.

FL Byzant – saxophone
RP Byzant – guitars
MG Byzant – guitars
AB Byzant – voice, bass synth and samplers, drum programming; editing, mixing, mastering, producer.

Category: Grilled Records

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2 Responses to Bang Ur Head (Byzant At Sunset)

  1. UnSoricel says:

    see that ppl love it .. or they love you? haha .. just messing with your head

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