Amavo – Gracefool (2012)

Digipak 2 ante.cdr Esmerelda, the singer and Tony Hotel, the drummer of the band called Noh Mercy  were part of the Punk, New Wave movement of San Francisco and having the motto “No Boys On Guitars”, they delivered a quite unique sound and style of music back at the end of the 70s.
Nowadays fromSCRATCH Records, record label and a booking agency based in Firenze, Venezia, Italy bring to our attention a band called Amavo (which means LOVED in Italian) featuring also two girls, Lott Anna – electric guitar, synths and Silvia Lovo – drums, penny whistle, vocals; delivering their own flavored style of Experimental/Avant-Garde Post-Rock/Post-Punk, which reminded me of Noh Mercy, although the two bands are not directly related, musically, some similarities are still detectable.
In a “Man’s Man’s Man’s World”, a girl band on the Punk-Rock scene it’s always refreshing. And these girls have balls. Amavo merge some of the 70’s and 80’s Avant-garde/Progressive Rock and Psychedelia vibes with a healthy portion of Retro New Wave, and the energy of Punk and Rock. The result is a colorful, noisy, sometimes even contorted, but definitively edge cutting music. Prefer not to label it in any particular way. Sometimes they reminds me of a very exciting Hungarian band from the 80’s called Kontroll Csoport, a band also fronted by a female singer, Bárdos-Deák Ágnes who’s voice and style is similar to the performance of Silvia Lovo, but they also reminds me of White Stripes and The Dead Weather.
As teaser, can download the promo mp3 of “Jello” from the website of fromSCRATCH Records  for free.


Amavo was formed 2004. They self released their first self-titled EP consists of 5 tracks which was very well received and reviewed by the Blowup magazine. In 2007 it was released a limited edition of a split with Peter Kernel containing 4 unreleased tracks produced by Swiss On The Camper Records.
The debut album of the group, entitled “HappyMess”, was released in 2008 by fromSCRATCH Records, the Italian label that gather for the bands of the Italian, but not exclusively experimental scene such as Zu, Geoff Farina, Miranda, Neo, François Cambuzat.
The release of “HappyMess” was followed by a long tour that included Italy, France, Switzerland and Austria, a total of a hundred dates played in a year and a half, while the album had very good reception from critics and the public.
In April 2012 it was released the band’s second full-length album entitled “Gracefool” consist of 8 new, even further experimental, still wildly raging tracks, a modern and contorted mixture of Post-Punk and unconventional Blues, Retro New Wave and Post-Modern Indie Rock. Innovative and re-inventing, Amavo definitively build-up their own genre and style, going on their own way, opening new doors to twisted, upside-down Universes.
Helmets and headphones on, this is a Roller-coaster on sound-waves!

The album was produced by Alessio Edy Fat and sound engineered by Giuseppe “Pippo” Barresi. “Gracefool” was recorded and mixed in Milo at “Emperor Riskio Milo’s House” and mastered by Bob Weston (Chicago Mastering Service).

Amavo – Official Site
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