My Morning Jacket – Circuital (2011)

It’s like swimming in circles of fuzzed guitars, trippy keyboard layers, twisted pop hooks and kind of familiar, country feeling. Soft electronica, scattered rock left-overs, indie experiments, pop like vocals, My Morning Jacket throw in their blender everything they can get their hands on and came out with a colorful, but slippery material. It’s like a jam of Simon And Garfunkel with The Flaming Lips suffering from massing hangover on a morning after. “Wonderful (The Way I Feel)” for example it’s an absolutely minimal country song while “Holdin’ On to Black Metal” sounds like a hippie anthem from 69 with some vocals traceable back directly to The Beatles. It’s nice to get into this retro feeling, but honestly I don’t really see the reason for what use? For sure some fat-ass guys from Rolling Stone Magazine will be delighted and maybe get even a small hard-on, but still. And for those who weren’t born in the 70s maybe it’s sounds exciting, but it isn’t. Recycling it’s good, but not in all meaning. “Slow Slow Tune” it’s a nice song. “Victory Dance” have a good pulse, and there are a few better moments dispersed on the record, but well, it’s like a lost record from the late 60s founded in grand ma’s coffer. Absolutely forgettable. And a bunch of wankers, by the way.

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