Draconian Incubus – Undead (2011)

Resurrect Jim Morrison or take Ian Astbury, or Glenn Denzig and bring them to a rehearsal with Fields Of The Nephilim and the result may be pretty close to what Draconian Incubus produce. And this band from San José, Costa Rica sounds just great. I’m wondering how many people can show me at first where’s on the map Costa Rica… Gloomy, perhaps a little bit evil, but they rocking hard and Julio Salazar have guts and voice. J.C.Dijeres – guitars, Paola Cascante – drums and Jose Carfax – bass, obsessed by Aleister Crowley bring to life a dark universe. Recorded live sometime between March and April, 2011, they said “This is not an album, This is not an EP, This is not a single, This is Real Love, Hallelujah!” and well, you can get your share of this magic potion because the 6 track material is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on their Bandcamp page.

Maybe their songs are a little bit too uni-dimensional, linear, but still, I think this Draconian Incubus are an interesting stuff to listen and definitely it worth a try. They create a dark, pulsing atmosphere, goth and death rock roots are blended into one and fans of Danzig, The Wake, The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Nosferatu and other dark bands will enjoy it for sure.

Draconian Incubus – on MySpace
Draconian Incubus – Undead (Bandcamp)

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