The Raygun Girls – The Raygun Girls (2013)

The-Raygun-Girls-2013 “The Time is Now” sounds like a furious Kiss track on steroids, and the New York based The Raygun Girls with their 5th studio are definitively willing to conquer the universe, or at least grinding their audience into the ground. Their music it’s a vivid mixture of hard rock, heavy metal, industrial, goth and punk rock, mainly reminding me of Danzig, while they compare their sound to bands such as Lacuna Coil, Rob Zombie, Killing Joke and Evanescence.
The brand new self-titled album it’s both an ode to the Apocalypse, and a call to Revolution, while the aliens are coming to take over our world.
With contribution from Peter Watkinson of death metal band Abomnium doing lead guitar on two songs, and some original photography work from Oliver Wasow, as well as lyrics from Paul F. Ferguson and Jacinda Espinosa, “The Raygun Girls” it’s the result of 10 years of songwriting, lyric writing, and road experience, and the 11 songs delivering the very essence of this band: powerful, raw, without compromises, loud rock & roll!!

Formed in 2004 with Geoff on lead vocals, the group has circled through many members, with Geoff taking a back seat to concentrate on guitar, and letting female vocalists take the lead. 6 years saw the release of 3 full length albums, a record deal and an East Coast tour. Due to family responsibilities and health issues, it seemed like The Raygun Girls had seen their last day during a performance with Pale Horse in July of 2010. 2011 brought Geoff back to the forefront with guest female vocalists supporting and the full length release, “The Taker”.
After 4 full length albums over 10 years, the group came back to its guitar driven, groove laden roots with the album “The Taker”. Geoff remains the pounding heartbeat of the band writing the music and playing all of the instruments, with guest vocals on some songs from Jacinda Espinosa and Girl Named Sam.
And 2013 saw the release of their self-titled 5th full length album, a hell of a drive through the history of the future.

Track Listing:

01. The Time is Now
02. Rise
03. Speak the Disappointment
04. Look to the Skies
05. I Refuse
06. Believe
07. Raise Your Voices
08. Ghosts
09. Stand Up
10. The Coming
11. I Will Remain

Release Date: 1/15/13

The whole album have a healthy, consistent groove throughout and it’s a balanced, smartly build up work without dead moments or useless fills.
The opening “The Time is Now” it’s a classy, powerful rock anthem followed by an equally strong, even more grinding, heavy metal fueled track with a strong hook in the chorus: “Rise”.
“Speak the Disappointment” it’s a slower, heavier take, with strong, pulsing riffs and menacing tension throughout. “Look to the Skies” bring back that hard’n’heavy Kiss spirit, eventually this is louder and harder, but have the same kind of hook and power.
“I Refuse” might be a Ramones anthem on steroids. It’s loud, straight and memorable.
“Believe” it’s a pretty gloomy song, have strong heavy metal roots, the powerful guitar riffs are taking over while Geoff sings like Gene Simmons. The breakdown at the middle it’s both unexpected and very inspired – a nice shift of vibe.
“Raise Your Voices” it’s another powerful metal anthem. A true call to the arms!
“Ghosts” it’s a gloomy, Danzig perfumed, slow, but still heavy song, a well deserved break.
“Stand Up” starts the gallop again, another fast and furious ride with pounding drums and screams of riot. “The Coming” it’s a very beautiful and mysterious trip out to the space, probably the most sensitive and experimental, out of the box ride from the album, a nice instrumental journey.
The closing “I Will Remain” brings back the bone cutting riffs, the dark vibe and the strong will of resistance.
Genuine banger! For Kiss and Danzig fans definitively an excellent opportunity for a hell of a ride!

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    • You’re welcome, glad you enjoy it and hope it will help to spread the good news of a new album.
      “Monster”, the latest Kiss album ( ) was a really ass-kicker release. Kiss it’s one of the most influential American rock band and still can deliver genuine rock products in a world mainly flooded by fake and plastic products, so, yeah, I think it’s a honorable thing to being compared with them.
      Good luck!!

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