Ikon – In the Shadow of the Angel (2011)

In the mirage of Joy Division and The Sisters Of Mercy, preserving their inheritance, Australia’s Ikon are for twenty years in the spotlight, has achieved an international fanbase and critical acclaim. Originally released in 1994, their brilliant debut album now it’s see the light once again, re-issues and remastered and filled with some previously unreleased tracks.
Chris McCarter (vocals, guitar, programming) and Dino Molinaro (bass) began to write songs as high school students in 1988, inspired by their love of alternative music. In 1991, the original band name Death in the Dark was replaced by IKON. Michael Carrodus, the band’s original singer, joined them in creating the first two albums “In the Shadow of the Angel” (1994) and “Flowers for the Gathering” (1996). Both albums are re-issued now and “This Quiet Earth” (1998) and “On the Edge of Forever” (2001) are scheduled to be remastered in 2012.
Music journalist Mick Mercer (author of “Gothic Rock Black Book”, “Gothic Rock”, “Hex Files”, “21st Century Goth” and “Music To Die For”) has called them “pioneers in the Gothic genre”. Ikon have a strange, beautiful dark shine, glowing and gloomy depth. The blending of traditional rock with electronics and the resonances of darkwave and gothic rock offers Ikon a special charm.
The band was invited to play at the M’era Luna festival in 2002, with billing alongside The Sisters of Mercy, HIM, Soft Cell and London After Midnight and then their first of three appearances at Wave Gotik Treffen in 2003.
The band released the highly acclaimed “Psychic Vampire” EP in 2004, which became the biggest-selling IKON single to date and marked a transition to a powerful, aggressive rock sound followed by the release of their most intense album, “Destroying the World to Save It” in 2005.
“Love, Hate and Sorrow”, Ikon’s sixth studio album was released in 2009.
Chris McCarter – Vocals, guitar, programming; Dino Molinaro – Bass; Clifford Ennis – Guitar and David Burns – Drums also promises a new recording and perhaps, the best is still to come.

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