Gliding Soul - Travelling With Mr. Who Gliding Soul deliver a quite contorted and dynamic mixture of modern metal heaving roots back to death metal, but revealing nu and groove metal resonances and metalcore infusions as well. While singer Benoit Derat mainly sings as Maynard Keenan of Tool, sometimes he shift into Serj Tankian, but he’s also capable of some deadly or furious death metal howls. The band’s music it’s same colourful and intense. Technical, progressive death metal, brutal metalcore and twisted out nu metal with experimental edge are efficiently merged here. Brutal riffs and acoustic breakdowns, complex rhythms and aggressive grindings are smartly incorporated and build together. Think of a mixture of Tool, System of A Down with a twist of Korn and death metal.
Very intense, very efficient and creative. Although they definitively have some solid influences, the final output it’s expressive and efficient. Technically flawless, Gliding Soul it’s a name to keep in mind if you love experimental, but brutal, modern metal!


“Oceans” kick in with hip hop grooves and heavy riffs, this is probably the most Korn fueled song of the EP, although the chorus incorporates some subtle Tool influences as well while the bridge in the middle part of the song lead us into the most brutal grinding of System of A Down. Quite complex, still very fluent, expressive and efficient song.
“The Submissive” reveals more Tool influences, the rhythm it’s pretty fast while the riffs are powerful. The breakdown have a tasty System Of A Down aroma. Memorable one,
“Double Trouble” bring to surface more death metal brutality with Tool kind of twisted off gloominess and System Of A Down intensity. The powerful riffs will definitively rip off your head!!
“In The Pathway” it’s a more hardcore rooted composition with System Of A Down and Pantera influences, very intense s*it with strong riffs and memorable melodies and a quite psychotic closing.
The closing “Throes of Obsession” it’s a brutal journey through some twisted dreams. A progressive, complex, murderous Gliding Soul butchery.

Gliding Soul are:
Benoit Derat – Vocals
Ludovic Chenevet – Guitars
Maxime Ilczuk – Bass
Cyril Merlaud – Drums

Gliding Soul is a french band from Paris, since mid-2010. They mentioning influences from bands such as: Dir en Grey, KoRn, Deftones, Fear Factory, Periphery, Dream Theater, etc.
Founder members Ludo, Maxime and Zoé began to write the first EP during the very first rehearsals while they were searching the singer that could put the melo on their riffs. Few months later, Marc came in the band.
Just before the recording of the “Gliding Soul EP” in early 2011, Zoé left the band due to musical differences and has been quickly replaced by Cyril, who brought his groove and skills on the double bass drums on the songs.
After few shows, Marc decided to left the band in order to devote himself to an other musical project and his professional activity.
In november 2011, Ben came in the band to complete the line up. They quickly released a new single called “The Submissive” from their 2nd EP, “Travelling With Mr. Who”.

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