Born Jeffrey Lewis Hetrick, infamous for being the vocalist for the alternative/industrial metal band Mushroomhead, but also some other Cleveland-based metal bands such as Purgatory in the mid 80s and later Hatrix, Jeff Hatrix also known as Jeffrey Nothing, is one day away from the official release of his first solo album under the moniker Nothing through Suburban Noize Records. In 2008, Jeffrey announced he will release a solo album titled “The New Psychodahlia” and due to Mushroomheads hectic recording and touring schedule, the album was written over a four year period. The 13 tracks written, shows a quite diverse, colorful collection of songs from alternative to classic metal sounds and from rock to industrial, Nothing throw in his own blender of sounds and styles many different influences and approaches to bring to life his own little monster. “I feel it’s a sort of Sepultura meets Alice in Chains, meets Acid Bath” – said Jeffrey Nothing and with each song listened from the album other and other names are popping up. “Psychodalia” for instance sound like Down, “Burial” is a haunting track where post-grunge and goth rock influences collide while “Deathbed Masquerade” reveals some of their industrial roots. But “Mnemerator” might fits right in onto a Tom Waits or Primus album. And every and each song deliver another taste and surprise.

“The whole album is about escaping reality. People choose a variety of ways to feel better in the face of the depression that can be caused by trying to survive in a world that can seem completely uncaring and smothering,” commented Nothing about the album, and he continue to explain: “‘The New Psychodalia’ is like a new safe hallucinogenic that makes all the ugliness in the world beautiful, with no harmful side effects. The entire album is kind of like a twisted, thought provoking view of the truths. It exposes the lies of the American dream that has really become more of a nightmare.”
His distinctive vocals, cutting edge/twisted riffs, hypnotic layers and powerful grooves, and not at least and Jeffrey Nothing’s beautifully deranged lyrics are the strong pillars on which Nothing was build up. And “The New Psychodalia” won’t give you a chance to breath, there’s no fillings, only hypnotic, driven songs.


01. Dear Departed (4:06)
02. Sin ‘O Cism (1:51)
03. Goodbye (4:09)
04. Mnemerator (2:39)
05. Eyez of the Righteous (5:12)
06. Psychodalia (4:42)
07. Enough (4:31)
08. Burial (5:36)
09. Time (5:36)
10. Deathbed Masquerade (4:52)
11. Wormwood (6:35)
12. Darkseed (3:33)
13. Devil (2:15)

The album was produced by Mushroomhead drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton and he is also the drummer on the record.

Jeffrey Nothing – Official Site
Jeffrey Nothing @ Soundcloud
Nothing (band) @ MySpace
Jeffrey Nothing @ Facebook
Suburban Noize Records
Jeffrey Nothing @ Twitter

Sin ‘o’ Cism by Jeffrey Nothing

Deathbed Masquerade by Jeffrey Nothing

Psychodalia by Jeffrey Nothing

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