Necrodeath – The Age Of Fear (2011)

The band was formed in 1984 under the name Ghostrider by Claudio (guitars) and Peso (drums) right after they saw Venom in concert. Under the influence of bands such as Slayer, Possessed, Kreator, Celtic Frost and Bathory, Necrodeath released a cult-demo tape titled “The Shining Pentagram” and obtained an incredible success through the underground. Tons of tributes in major magazines, fanzines and other underground features highlighted the release of the first two legendary albums “Into The Macabre” (1987) and “Fragments Of Insanity” (1989). “The Age of Fear” is a collection of some of their most powerful songs: it contains 15 tracks, the first 12 of which are taken from the band’s past eight albums, arranged chronologically and the previously unreleased “onyric” version of the song “Queen Of Desire”, featuring guest appearances by Giorgia Gueglio (Mastercastle) on vocals and Botys Beezard (Godyva) on piano, and also the killer cover version of Slayer’s classic “Black Magic” and the live version of the band’s own “The Theory”. The album’s artwork was made by French artist Pierre-Alain D.

Featuring songs from their entire back catalogue, starting with 1987’s legendary debut album “Into The Macabre” until their latest “Old Skull” (2010), “The Age Of Fear” captures the inner essence of the band to this day whilst awaiting their next new album, to be released in the fall of 2011 on Scarlet Records. One by one classic, killer tracks, this is something which any metal fan should listen and have. Pure history and exclusively extremely good songs, pure metal. Mandatory as death.

Track list:

01. Mater Tenebrarum (2010)
02. Awakening of Dawn (2009)
03. I.N.R.I.’ (2009)
04. Smell of Blood (2007)
05. Master of Morphine (2006)
06. Forever Slave (2006)
07. Queen of Desire (2003)
08. Burn and Deny (2001)
09. Hate and Scorn (1999)
10. Flame of Malignance (1999)
11. Eucharistical Sacrifice (1989)
12. At The Mountains of Madness (1987)
13. The Theory (live, 2010)
14. Queen of Desire (Onyric version, 2011)
15. Black Magic (Slayer cover, 2010)

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