Kate Bush – Director’s Cut (2011)

I kind of miss her as I miss “Babooshka”. Her previous album, “Aerial” was released six years ago and that material was released after a 12 years gap. And well, “Director’s Cut” is a compilation consists of a revisitation/revision of selected tracks from her 1989 and 1993 albums “The Sensual World” and “The Red Shoes” and it will be available on 16 May 2011. While “Aerial” was one of Bush’s most critically acclaimed album, not surprisingly “Director’s Cut” have something from the atmosphere of its predecessor, is a multi-layered work, incorporating colorful elements of Folk, Renaissance, classical, Blues and pop music into one soft, mainly kind of intimate, nice and quiet music, but having a fresh, alive breath.

Track list:

01. “Flower of the Mountain” – Originally “The Sensual World” (from “The Sensual World”)
02. “Song of Solomon” (from “The Red Shoes”)
03. “Lily” (from “The Red Shoes”)
04. “Deeper Understanding” (from “The Sensual World”)
05. “The Red Shoes” (from “The Red Shoes”)
06. “This Woman’s Work” (from “The Sensual World”)
07. “Moments of Pleasure” (from “The Red Shoes”)
08. “Never Be Mine” (from “The Sensual World”)
09. “Top of the City” (from “The Red Shoes”)
10. “And So is Love” (from “The Red Shoes”)
11. “Rubberband Girl” (from “The Red Shoes”)

All the lead vocals and drums on Director’s Cut are new performances, some of the tracks featuring guests including Steve Gadd, Danny Thompson and, on backing vocals, Mica Paris, and three songs have been completely re-recorded, including “This Woman’s Work”.
“Flower of the Mountain” which contains lyrics by James Joyce, originally she used for “The Sensual World” some text from the end of “Ulysses” by James Joyce, but when she asked for permission to use the text she was refused. Now she obtain the permission and re-arranged that songs conform to the original concept.
The first single is “Deeper Understanding”, the lyrics describe a friendly relationship between a lonely person and a computer. This was re-arranged pretty up to date and it’s quite exotic and perhaps it’s one – but not only – best moment of the album.
This is the “new world” but Kate seems to be the same, “old” one.
And “Director’s Cut” it’s a nice, pleasant listening, tonic and fresh, but bringing back nice memories. It’s like looking back and going forward.

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