Love and other oddities

There’s a thin line between love and hate and sometimes we may slip over without noticing. Don’t matter how weird it may sounds, extremes over-lapping each other and sometimes melt into one. There’s a small step from indifference to desire, as well as between love and hate and back all over. The human being are a strange creature and there’s no Freudian coach to explain our weirdness. Any attempt to create any kind of pattern to explain the human behavior I believe it’s useless. We are same as we are absolutely unique and different. The human soul is a muddy and unexplainable universe.
Actually I believe we don’t have the same reaction regarding the same particular aspect at different moments on the time line. And not only because things and we are changing. Just because. Emotions have no patterns, our reaction is unpredictable. Things which may be unacceptable from our point of view once, today or tomorrow may stir up our interest. That’s how we really are even if it’s hard to accept, it’s difficult to face our self.
Some time ago I painted a series of three “portraits” of love, pieces of the “trip” from desire to jealousy. There’s a thin line between them as well. I think it’s an interesting exposure.
And I put here also some other photos and paintings of mine. Randomly. ­čÖé

Brushvox – paintings
Brushvox – Flames, veils, desire (photography, image manipulation)

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