King 810 – Memoirs Of A Murderer (2014)

King 810 - Memoirs Of A Murderer (2014)

King 810 - Memoirs Of A Murderer (2014) Violence. These days are pretty much about violence, no matter if we think about Iraq, Gaza, Ukraine or the United States of America. We can speak about what’s going on in Ferguson, Missouri, or we can look at what happened in Frisco, Texas where a 16-year-old homeschooled teenager shot down both his parents. And – unfortunately – we’ve got plenty of other stories on daily basics each and every day from all over the world.
King 810 make out of violence a kind of trademark and marketing strategy. Recently they had to cancel their gig at Download Festival because vocalist David Gunn and bassist Eugene Gill, were arrested and taken into custody on Friday on charges of “assault with intent to do great bodily harm” – for an incident occurred in October 2013, outside of a bar in Flint, MI. All because of a stupid fight and, eventually, publicity.
King 810 risking to be more famous for their criminal record and violent imaginary, rather then for their music… And it’s sad. And ultimately, it’s unfair too.
Something really went wrong with this species, isn’t it? Read more King 810 – Memoirs Of A Murderer (2014)