KMFDM – Kunst (2013)

KMFDM – Kunst (2013) Spawned in Germany during 1984, KMFDM (Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translated as “no pity for the majority”) pioneered the crossover between techno/dance and heavy metal with their signature industrial sound. Moving to Chicago in the mid-80’s KMFDM was the pride of WaxTrax! Records during the label’s peak. They relocated to Hamburg, Germany in October 2007.
Led by German multi-instrumentalist Sascha Konietzko, KMFDM has released seventeen studio albums and two dozen singles, with sales of more than two million records worldwide. The current line up incorporates: Sascha Konietzko – vocals, guitar, bass, programming, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion; Lucia Cifarelli – vocals, keyboards; Jules Hodgson – guitar, bass, keyboards; Andy Selway – drums and Steve White – guitar. But we must mention a few former key members such as Tim Skold, Raymond Watts, En Esch, Günter Schulz and Mark Durante.
The forthcoming eighteenth studio album entitled “Kunst” it’s due for release on February 26, 2013 on Metropolis Records. Read more KMFDM – Kunst (2013)

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