Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer (2014)

Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer (2014) Aaron Funk, better known as Venetian Snares had reinvented breakcore and set the stage for many other artists such as UndaCova, Xanopticon, Enduser and Datach’i.
He debuted on a record label in 1999 with the EP “Greg Hates Car Culture” released on History of the Future. Prior to this, he self-released material on cassette tapes as early as 1992. Funk was quite prolific, releasing sometimes up to eight recordings per year, for different labels including: History of the Future, Isolate/DySLeXiC ResPonSe, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen.
He is making electronic music often in odd and numbered time signatures (mostly 7/4) and combining different sounds and styles from IDM to trip-hop and dark ambient with twisted off, intense breakcore beats. Read more Venetian Snares – My Love Is A Bulldozer (2014)

DJ Clonepa – Courroux (2011)

Mixing breakcore with classic, symphonic music and sometimes with jazz, DJ Clonepa actually make pretty interesting blending of music. Nathaniel Marlow, from Richmond, Kentucky, started in 2007 his mixing and “Courroux” is a pretty exciting and intense material, an explosive collision of groovy and twisted drums with smooth, harmonic symphonic orchestral constructions and jazzy musical inserts. Sometimes this blending is smooth, sometimes the drums overlapping everything creating hell of a noise, but still, there are some extremely interesting moments, good twists and turns, the gloomy, kind of authentic Baroque/Gothic atmosphere and these contorted rhythms and breaks are making an unique and exciting pair.
Following the tradition of precursors as Venetian Snares, DJ Clonepa bring to the surface some extremely intense and exciting mixes and there are a few very good tracks. Read more DJ Clonepa – Courroux (2011)

Introducing… CandlestickMaker!

CandlestickMaker este proiectul tânărului student din Craiova, Seidiu M. Alexandru care a început să mixeze pentru propria plăcere prin 2006. Lucrurile au progresat rapid şi au urmat performanţe live în cluburile din Craiova, Timişoara, Bucureşti şi Arad.
CandlestickMaker este un amestec auditiv de IDM,  Drill’n’Bass şi Breakcore, pe o arie de la Downtempo la Ambiental.
Pe profilul MySpace găsiţi 5 piese („Sun Rise” mi-a plăcut cel mai mult, o combinaţie interesantă de ritmuri alerte şi sunete plutitoare, o combinaţie asemănătoare „Summer Break” şi reconfortanta „Promise of the Fall in the Air”) şi aruncaţi un ochi şi pe pagina DeviantArt.

Pe YouTube am găsit o piesă mai zgomotoasă, dar la fel de proaspătă şi ambientală de pe acelaşi material „Seeds”.

Pe 20 octombrie CandlestickMaker lanseanză noul album, dar până atunci îl puteţi urmării în cadrlul festivalului Cybermental la Bucureşti!

Bring the Noise!