Soft Kill – An Open Door (2011)

Waving between Joy Division (and New Order) and The Sisters of Mercy, Soft Kill try to (re) open a door back to the eighteens goth rock and dark wave. While their earliest experiments took place in September 2010, Tobias and Shiloe, the two members of the group maybe are too in a hurry for a debut album. Still, “An Open Door” is kind of intimate and warm, which is kind of strange for a dark area of music, but the nine songs of this material are not quite bad. They mentioned influences by Howard Devoto, The Cure, Wire/Colin Newman and Killing Joke. The Cure earliest works atmosphere is present and Soft Kill managed to recreate that feeling. “Be Alone” for example sounds quite Robert Smith. And they have a few more good songs.They have a couple of nice tunes and some good moments, but there’s still lot left to work out, the album it’s kind of linear and mono-colored. Mainly the guitar and the bass plays the same chords, it’s kind of usual beginners mistake. Another thing it’s the tempo and rhythm which is again, almost the same through the nine songs and its put a gray monotony mark on the material. Well, new bands needs encouraging, and as I said, Soft Kill it’s not bad at all, “An Open Door” may be a good starting point, but – in my opinion – it’s more a demo stuff than a real album. “Surrender”, the closing title have a good pulse, some kind of freshness and nerve, more this like moments inserted in the songs may rise considerably the groove of their songs.

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