Cairoglyphs – The Veil, EP (2014)

Cairoglyphs The Veil EP 2014

Cairoglyphs The Veil EP 2014 Hip hop it’s not actually my cup of tea, but once in a while I’m listening some hip hop as well, have a few favorites and I can appreciate the quality in any genre and style. Cairoglyphs have a cool Oriental/middle East flavor, but the Kansas City based hip-hop artist/producer Ryan Forest merged quite different sounds and styles from dense electronic layers to rap, and from dark, deep house constructions to pounding hip hop beats. Kind of past meets the future, highly danceable, very fluorescent type of music. Dark dance music with content. While IDM and EDM are simply dead labels drained by any meaning and content lately, Ryan Forest proves that the dance music might still have future.
“The Veil”, Ryan Forest debut EP has just been released on Russian Winter Records and by the kindness of the record label we got one, exclusive free track for download, a pretty cool teaser to make you buy the EP.

My favorits are “The Phoenix”, “Deviance”, “Mysterium” and “Elysium”, but love the whole EP. Buy it or steal it!!

Released on 07 January 2014.
Produced by Cairoglyphs.
Mixed & Mastered by Ric Gordon.

Buy at Bandcamp. Digital download $5, High-definition CD handmade $10. (Shipping: U.S. $2, Canada shipping $3 USD and $10 USD shipping rest of the world. Ships out within 3 days.)

Russian Winter Records/Russian Winter Media
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