ANiMAL-MUSIC Releases Jump Music Video & FREE Download

ANiMAL-Jump The underground is over-populated with better then better bands and artist, unfortunately not always the best of them hit the surface. ANiMAL kicked out from the London’s EBM/Dubstep underground in late 2011. The three piece band consists of drums, laptop and guitar/vocals, started with a regular DJ takeover on Modestep Radio progressing onto guest mixes for Mista Jam on Radio 1Xtra and The Remix Show on XFM. Starting in 2012 ANiMAL went on to tour most of Europe playing at sold out Bass and EDM nights as well as some high profile supports.
The musical style is Punk meets Bass, kind of The Prodigy versus Sex Pistols, and definitively, this is quite a winner merge of styles and sounds, although, already experimented and bring to master level by their bad-ass homies, Subsource. Punkstep it’s a sold tag already, but still, ANiMAL it’s one of the more interesting bands pretty anxious to claim the throne.
After “The Animal Cage”, and “Mind Reader”, now ve’ve got “Jump” – featuring Mary Magdalan -, a new video and free download. What I like about ANiMAL it’s the humor. Can’t take them really seriously, but I admit, at least they are funny and sounding fat enough.

So, they are highly entertaining and while this is show business where entertaining it’s much more important then the music, music which became lately nothing but an extension and secondary side (sub) product, ANiMAL delivers.
ANiMAL-MUSIC – their lately extended name – sounds bloody dumb, but legal issues over-rule artistic and aesthetic issues. But then again, the song it’s f*cking fat and sound truly heavy!

ANiMAL-MUSIC – Official Site
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Mary Magdalan @ Facebook
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Mary Magdalan @ Twitter

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