Triptych 3 Melbourne based bands splid promo cd 20133 Melbourne based bands, Asperity Within, Belle Haven and Glorified! released this free promo album, each band featuring with two original tracks. Not at least, can grab the 6 tracks for free (“name your price”) from each band’s Bandcamp page. Cool and a smart, efficient, joint way to promote their bands.
The sonic slaughter starts with Asperity Within, “Mutatio” begin smooth and quietly, but shifting into a contorted, technical and gloomy, death metal fueled butchery build upon solid riffs, schizophrenic harmonies and blood vomiting vocals. “Atrophy” starts pretty the same, gentle and misleading, but with the menacing riffs turn into another depressive and maniac metalcore massacre. The breakdown it’s very tasty, the swinging between the spacier and smoother passages and the total grinder moments it’s very efficient. The solos are also adding a nice colour to the tracks. Promising start!
“Spite Conception”, the first track by Belle Haven starts with a heavy and bone cutting riff then simply explode in the speakers with contorted rawness and wicked fury. The hardcore punk rooted, but heavily metal fueled metalcore delivered by Belle Haven it’s also smartly flavoured by melodic inserts, gentle piano lines and spacy breakdowns while the lead vocal shifting from growling to clean singing. Pretty dark and heavy s*it. “Inferiority Complex” it’s a faster, more intense and groove oriented track with a complex rhythmic build-up and some killer riffs. The breakdown it’s awesome, a clean, catchy respiro followed by a smart, graduate build-up.
Excellent technical capabilities and interesting concept, solid production and quality songs in the manner of Between The Buried And Me. They are my favorites here.
Glorified! seems to be the most brutal band from the release, their complex, death metal rooted butchery it’s extremely intense and combined with some chaotic hardcore, their recipe seems the deadliest. “The Onset” it’s a short and brutal, hardcore punk flavoured metal butchery. “Lost Mind” it’s a complex black and death metal rooted killer construction with a tasty, inspired, electronic flavoured outro. Very convincing!
So, f*ckers, three bands, definitively worth a shot, listen it, spread and share it, support this newcomers, they deserve it!

Track list:

1. Asperity Within – Mutatio (03:46)
2. Asperity Within – Atrophy (05:48)
3. Belle Haven – Spite Conception (05:15)
4. Belle Haven – Inferiority Complex (05:02)
5. Glorified! – The Onset (02:34)
6. Glorified! – Lost Mind (04:23)

Released on 28 January 2013.
Produced and Mixed by Aaron Beale and Stevie Mayo at Parallel Recordings.

Asperity Within
is a newly formed metal act from the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The band blends contemporary and past metal genres with both heavy and slow clean sections, the product of which is an expressive and energetic live performance.
Asperity Within’s latest released featured 2 tracks on a split EP with Melbourne bands Glorified and Belle Haven. This included a music video for the track ‘Atrophy’.

Adam Killeen: Vocals
Jesse Abdurazak: Guitar
Simon Killeen: Guitar
Luke Sullivan: Bass
Rob Marshall: Drums

Asperity Within @ Facebook
Asperity Within @ Bandcamp

Belle Haven
is a unique metalcore act from the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. Barely a year since their creation, the band has advanced into a well-known and established performing act playing regular shows to followers across Australia. Shows have included headlining several all age and overage shows throughout Victoria, shows throughout Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia, supporting several interstate acts and even supporting international acts such as The Plot In You (US) and Silent Screams (UK).
In January 2012, the band released their EP, ‘Onus’. Since it’s release, over 250 copies of the EP have been purchased from all over Australia, not to mention the countless online downloads from people all over the world. Belle Haven pride themselves on their live show, delivering a secure, overly energetic performance bound to nimble riffs, heavy breakdowns and guitar solos, all throughout a flowing and engaging set.
Drawing influences from a range of different bands such as Underoath, Between The Buried And Me, The Human Abstract, Chiodos and The Chariot; Belle Haven are tagged as adept, genuine song writers and performers. Currently writing for their debut album, set to be recorded overseas in 2013, and with many upcoming interstate tours, Belle Haven are stamping their name into the minds of heavy music lovers everywhere.

Christopher Vernon – Rhythm Guitar
David Vernon – Vocals
Dylan Howlett – Keyboards
James Vernon – Percussion
Tom Mitchell – Bass

Belle Haven @ Facebook
Belle Haven @ Bandcamp

are an established metalcore band from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. In less than two years, the band has evolved from a few friends coming together for a jam – to a regularly performing act with a collection of 70 shows and over 4,000 followers on both Facebook and Instagram. The shows have included headlining multiple all age and overage shows across the state, shows throughout NSW and SA, they have been the main support act at four Destroy All Lines Nightclubs and have even supported acts from the USA such as August Burns Red & Blessthefall at Billboards in Melbourne, as well as For Today, Veil of Maya, The Contortionist and more.
In June 2011, nearly nine months after their first live performance, the band released their debut CD, ‘Realisations’. Since the release of Realisations, well over 300 copies of the CD have been purchased throughout the country, and it has been downloaded by hundreds of other listeners from all across the globe.
With a unique sound incorporating elements of metal, hardcore and djent – Glorified deliver a tight, energetic performance with heavy breakdowns, technical riffs, guitar solos and ambient interludes; guaranteed to keep the audience entertained and involved.
Influenced by bands such as Born of Osiris, The Devil Wears Prada, House VS Hurricane and Periphery; Glorified show incredible potential and are recognised as talented, original song writers and performers. With the writing of a full-length album well underway and with many upcoming interstate tours; Glorified’s fan base is rapidly growing and the band are eager to continue developing their skills and spreading their music throughout the world.

Miles Philipp – Vocals
Tom Beale – Guitar
Brett Powell – Guitar
Steven Powell – Bass
Aaron Beale – Drums

Glorified! @ Facebook
Glorified!@ Bandcamp

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