Inflatable Best Friend – DMT Bike Ride (2013)

Inflatable Best Friend -  DMT Bike Ride 2013 Noisy and raw garage punk(rock) rides twisted into some weird psychedelic trips and flavored with lo-fi, drone contortions – this is the menu on the debut album by this Michigan based and DIY devoted band. Not for those who are in the search of the perfect crystal sound and are only comfortable with the polished and mainly over-produced, but tasteless, and inconsistent fancy products of the almighty digital era. No, these guys will take you back to their garage, will tear the walls down at the house party in some suburb or in the basement of some filthy and obscure club. This taste like life, sounds messy and full of trouble as reality, wear perfectly with cheap beer, sleepless nights and lost memories.
With roots back to The Velvet Underground and Lou Reed (“Circus Dog”), but with the fury and energy of Sonic Youth (“I Wanna Ride a Sabertooth”), Inflatable Best Friend will shake you up and grind you down, and rock you into weird, vivid dreams only to crash you down again. This is legal, but dangerous stuff.


Austin McQuater – bass guitar; Ian Howell -precussion and drums; and Tanner Boerman – guitar and vocals are on rampage. “Apis Mellifera” it’s a mindkiller which starts smooth enough to close your eyes and do not see what hits you. It’s one of my favorites. That roller-coaster from quiet and soft chords to noisy blow-ups it’s incredible good. And throughout, all the 11 tracks holds surprises, interesting turns, swinging from one thing to another and keeps you connected. Sometimes they reminded me of The Legendary Pink Dots, other times of New Model Army.
“Brisk Steel Sun” it’s another intense moment of the record, have the flavor of another very under-rated and mainly unknown band: H.P. Zinker.
“DMT Bike Ride” it’s scheduled for release on 18 January 2013 only on vinyl record, 250 copies limited edition on Inflatable’s self-label Obvious Records.
The album was recorded in the basement of Village Castle, and the tracks were mixed/mastered at WIDR Studios with the help of Golden Joe & Eli Kroes.
The hand-drawn cover it’s also lovely!

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