Karma Zero – Architecture of a Lie (2012)

Karma Zero-Architecure of a Lie-2012-COVER Metalcore it’s definitively epidemic this year. The scene is flooded by hundred (thousands?) of bands and most of them are really good in the butcheries they unleash. But still, too many band sounding almost the same, will bury the genre pretty fast. Identity Crisis? Hope not. Eventually all these youngsters must find their own sound and style or they will just simply disappear in the grind.
If the genre originate from the fusion of Extreme and Groove Metal with Hardcore Punk, after the mid 2000s, the new genre became popular and successful due to the breakthrough of bands such as All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, Bullet for My Valentine, The Devil Wears Prada and Asking Alexandria, most of them hitting the Billboard charts and sneaked up into the mainstream and opening the door widely for a whole generation anxious to prove themselves.
The French scene seems to be extremely receptive to the seeds of the new genre and one of the furiously blooming new bands are Karma Zero. “Next Time”, the leading single from their debut album sounds heavily furious and intense enough to grab the fans attention. Brutal and complex, Karma Zero kicking in the doors with their right foot!


Formed at the end of 2008, Karma Zero conquered the audience quite quickly due their intense and captivating gigs. They ended up playing at Hellfest during the opening night of the Metalcorner scene in 2009.
The very next logical step was the recording of their first EP featuring five tracks, released in February 2010. Acclaimed both by fans and critics, the EP allows the group to perform at many more gigs, sharing the stage with bands such as The Arrs, Madball, or Shining on the Main Stage motocultor Fest 2010.
For “Architecture of a Lie” vocals were recorded by Mikael Horcet @ WEEZ RECORDS; Arranged by Stephane Buriez @ E FActory Studio; and Mixed and Mastered by Damien Bolo @ Spectrum Studio.

The opening “Architecture of a Lie” it’s an almost classic Metalcore butchery with a quite chaotic feel, flavored with some cutting to the bone riffs and horde-like, sing-along choruses. They putting the accent on intensity and do their best to rip off our heads right from the beginning. “Next Time” starts same tumultuously and intense, on the chorus instead the Death howling they bring up some clean singing and some of their riffs are more focused and the song just have the right groove to tear you apart.
“Snake” take us back to the more dark and heavy path with Sepultura sound-like build-ups and Pantera perfumed breakdowns. “Hidden Law” starts slower, but don’t let fooled yourselves, they gonna blow up right in your face with full intensity again. “No Answers” it’s another massacre of fury with some very classy flavored riffs and choruses. Kind of softer, almost ballad-like it’s the very next “Mirage” which comes like a comfortable break and let us breathing again.
The closing “Ghosts” set the world on fire once again and burn it down to the ground irreversibly.

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