M. Fallan – Contagious (2011)

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This is the debut album by Parisian M. Fallan. His music reminds me of Sigur Rós, but also some veterans as Tuxedomoon. Taking off from gentle acoustic up to noise explosions right in your face, M. Fallen delivering a tumultuous, contorted trip, still subtle and beautifully layered.
It’s the kind of music which hypnotize you slowly, tie you down and eventually never release you again.
10 tracks, a joyful and gentle, but simultaneously dark and sometimes furiously raging search for answers, feelings, for light, for escape and not at least for ourselves. If you like pianos and screaming guitars, minimalist arrangement, acoustic moments, but also noisy eruptions and contorted grooves, M. Fallan will deliver all his feelings and thoughts merged into this collection of colorful songs and definitively will charm you. This is quite…. contagious.

In 2009 M. Fallan decided to go on the road with only his guitar to his name, taking up a solitary challenge. Shanon Wright, Eliott Smith, Pedro The Lion, Chokebore or Cat Power are some of the artists whose approach he admires. He recorded a 4 title demo at the end of 2009, and recorded his first album “Contagious” in the spring of 2010, mixed by Serge Morattel and released on Kicking Records, GPS prod, Road Sweet Road & Urgence Disk!, on 29 March 2011.

M. Fallan @ Bandcamp
M. Fallan @ Tumblr

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