Overkill – The Electric Age (2012)

Although everybody seems to have a different account of who came first in the world of New York/New Jersey area Thrash Metal, it seems certain that New Jersey’s Overkill have stayed around the longest, and have never let their fans down by remaining musically consistent and true to their roots for over 30 years and an unprecedented 16 full length albums and it seems we have the certain answer who’s banging till the end. Evil never dies? Who knows, but Overkill seems and sounds unstoppable. By 1987’s “Taking Over”, the band had worked their way up to a deal with the major label Atlantic Records. This relationship would last another 7 years based on the strength and consistency of Overkill’s music. 1989’s “The Years Of Decay” marked Overkill as one of the most murderous Thrash bands of the decade and one of the leading forces of the genre.

In 2009 Overkill signed a multi-album deal with Nuclear Blast Records, and the 2010 released “Ironbound” was described as a true “thrashter-piece”. Now, two years later Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth and his band mates, veteran bass player D.D. Verni, guitarists Dave Linsk and Derek “The Skull” Tailer, and drummer Ron Lipnicki are back with another banging collection of 10 Thrash anthems.


01 – Come And Get It
02 – Electric Rattlesnake
03 – Wish You Were Dead
04 – Black Daze
05 – Save Yourself
06 – Drop The Hammer Down
07 – 21ST Century Man
08 – Old Wounds, New Scars
09 – All Over But The Shouting
10 – Good Night

The album will be released on March 27, 2012 in the U.S. on E1 Music and in Europe three days later on Nuclear Blast Records. If Iron Maiden were playing Thrash Metal, it would definitively sound like “The Electric Age”. Twin guitars, pounding drums, horde-like choruses, Overkill remains true to themselves, but managed to be fresh, powerful and full of energy. We’ve got 50 minutes of merciless grinding. “All Over But The Shouting” might fit right into the classic “The Years Of Decay”, it have the same killer groove as “Elimination” and the chorus sounds almost like a classic Judas Priest anthem. Some things never change, staying the same, can always count on it. Overkill do the same thing for three decades, but it always a pleasure to bang on their songs.

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