Snurfu – Bag of Bones – EP (2011)

Snurfu – Bag of Bones – EP (2011)

Snurfu – Bag of Bones – EP (2011) There’s not too many things to say about a band formed only three years ago and delivering their first EP. Watching their video for “372nd Military Police” on YouTube I was thinking they are a punk band juggling between New Model Army and The Exploited, later listening their four songs from the EP I realized this is (only) Rock (And Roll), there’s something raw, garage and punk taste-like about it, but still, this is unpolished, good-old Rock and it feels alright.
The opening “Your Sister Too” have a kind of Velvet Revolver after-taste, it’s right in the middle between Guns N’ Roses and Stone Temple Pilots, between Rock and Post-Grunge. “My Empty Song” bring to the surface some Southern/Stoner roots and sounds, it’s quite classy and the guitar riff is actually pretty wicked.

The title track, “Bag of Bones” kicked off noisier, there’s a pulsing vibe of tension in it which is excellent, but Mikko’s voice sometimes are a little bit powerless, sometimes it sounds like he’s not so convinced and not 100% sure and in control of what he’s singing. “372nd Military Police” is more a Punk Rock songs, it’s powerful enough, sounds ok.
This is a pretty good debut, the instrumental parts are in place, the vocals needs some more work-out, but “Bag of Bones” it’s quite ok for the starting point, they done a pretty good job.

Official bio:
“Formed in 2009, Snurfu is a rock n’roll band from Switzerland.
The gang makes his first steps on stage in 2010, during Festiv’Ouchy in Lausanne.
This performance is a success and the band plays more shows around Lausanne and Geneva.
In November 2010, the guys record a 4 songs’EP at Roystone Studios.
In February 2011, the rockers are proud to present their first EP named “Bag of Bones”.”

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