Bomb The Music Industry! – Vacation (2011)

Bomb the Music Industry!’s sixth full-length sounds just like a fun summer album and I swear, I could kill for a vacation!
BTMI! probably have the most devoted fan base in the US. They do everything with enthusiasm and electrifying energy, while the “secret” of their success is the fun, intimate, and personal approach. From fun ska-punk to pop punk there’s maybe not a far way, BTMI! managed to stay between and delivered 13 new tracks of conscious feel good. And I’m envious for this while I’m admiring them for this. This is love/hate. Some people love them for their disregard for conventions, for their stupid lyrics, their shouted, silly gang vocals and sloppy riffs, others hate them for all of this. I’m caught between.

It would be much more fun listen it on the vacation. 😀
There’s no bigger picture, serious issues, “Vacation” eventually is not even an album, BTMI! just throw together their (more or less) songs and seems to have huge fun. And goofy or not, Jeff Rosenstock and his band mates figure it out how to live their lives and feel better ’bout themselves, this pretty fucked-up world and kind of living for today and enjoy it.
“The Shit That You Hate” is something that will stick definitively in your head, “Hurricane Waves” is an anthem and “Can’t Complain” a radio-hit while “Vacation” – the album – is a chaotic, but joyful mess.
A bedroom project which never supposed to sell over 10,000 records or tour the world, they weren’t supposed to headline festivals or drove their van over 300,000 miles either, made it just because they never meant to made it. And folks, that’s fucking funny.

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