Lost Sphere Project – Third Level to Internal Failure (2011)

Brutal, grinding and merciless, Geneva’s Lost Sphere Project are back after their first full length album, “Verse XXIV” released in 2009. Make no mistake, they gonna rip off your head and eat your heart. “Third Level to Internal Failure” is an excellent mixture of grindcore terrorism and brutal, technical death metal, the result is a fast, violent, extremely complex, uncompromising grind metal album with many cutting riffs, tempo and theme shifting, raw vocals and beneath all the butchery, Lost Sphere Project actually are quite musical, managed to write songs beyond madness, chaos and noise.

Lost Sphere Project was found in 2001, Influenced by Converge, Knut and many other horrible hordes of noise, and their melt down grindcore and hardcore insensitivity with heavy and brutal metal with roots back to death, mixing quite melodious themes and crushing riffs, pure chaotic brutality with noisy deep chords and bittersweet harmonies, contorted rhythmic and complex constructions to achieve the electrifying limits of brutality and terrifying high-energy. And well, they hit hard the scene with raging live shows. After 2 albums, one EP and more than 200 shows around France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany, and playing with great bands – Breather Resist, An Albatross, Ephel Duath, Church of Misery, etc, Lost Sphere Project are out for the kill once again.
“Third Level to Internal Failure” has been mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Pelican…) and it’s sounds awesome. Pure brutality packed for destruction.


1. Paradoxal sights
2. Devotees
3. Post Tenebra Chao
4. Infinite necropolis
5. Dreams are gone
6. Ice Mike
7. Idyllic Disaster
8. Apathy
9. Behold the scorn
10. Vultures of conscience
11. Vaginal excavation
12. Cetaceans rippers (Velociraptor remix by DJ Oxsa)

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