Liv Moon – Golden Moon (2011)

Merging progressive, symphonic heavy metal with opera singing is the recipe used by producer Tatsuya Nishiwak to conquer the world in the footsteps of Nightwish and Within Temptation. Bands in this genre often feature a female lead vocalist, most commonly a mezzo-soprano, and Liv started her journey as a performer from a Takarazuka music school where she participates in various stages. She took a short leave from the group to travel to England in order to learn singing. In the Beckenham Festival, she managed to win the Singer of the Year award and attracted a lot of attention worldwide.
The debut album, “Double Moon” was released in 2009, “Golden Moon”, followed by “Scream As A Woman”, a collection of covers released in 2010 and their second effort, this “Golden Moon” was released on March 16 , 2011 and consist in 14 new songs.
Liv Moon introducing modern metal elements along the traditional heavy metal structures and constructions, “Dance With A Ghost” is a quite catchy anthem, as they also insert some pop and electro textures in songs like “Yozakuran”. Interesting and colorful mixture.
For fans of female, opera singers fronting metal bands, Liv Moon are mandatory. I’m not a fan of this genre, still, Liv Moon convinced me more than most of the other bands, they write a few catchy themes, have something sparking, I desperately try to avoid saying, something exotic.

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