Minkus – The Shape Of Things To Come (2011)

Merging thrash and groove metal traditions, Minkus from Switzerland sounds like a collision between Pantera and Overkill or some any other Bay Area sound-like classic thrash combo. Still, this music breathing and crushing, it has edge. Death Angel is another name that coming up listening Minkus. Minkus from Switzerland because once again this name is used by a few other bands, a punk band from Omaha, Nebraska, US and another ska/punk band from Oakland, California, US. Gabz – vocals, Akouel – guitars, Giro – guitars, SM – live guitar, Zarch – bass and Vulvic – drums delivered 10 groovy, intense metal tracks, the classy taste of them having a nice, cutting edge modern shape, but somehow this kind of metal never really have age.

“The Shapes Of Things To Come” will not bring a new revolution on the metal scene, but they play that music with nerve and have a few pretty good moments, wrote some catchy metal songs and it’s more than enough for a good kick off. And they have a few nice surprises as well. Back in the 80s I banged my head off on albums and bands like this and those riffs, pumping drums and screaming vocals are still stir up my pulse, this is an absolutely fair and well done album. Air-guitar time again!

Minkus – on MySpace

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