Company of Thieves – Running From a Gamble (2011)

Musicians have their entire lives to write their debut, and a year to complete the followup. I guess this is the result of industrializing the music and turn it from art into business. Company Of Thieves take their time with the second album while “Ordinary Riches”, originally was independently issued in 2007 and came out in February 2009 and their second album, “Running from a Gamble”, was released on May 17, 2011. And the waiting for it’s worth. The 13 new songs keeps that friendly, warm, familiar, close and tight feeling which makes Company Of Thieves so bright and special and bring them a feverish fanbase which extended lately.
While Genevieve Schatz reminds me sometimes of Bjork, their music is a nice blending of indie/alternative rock with roots back to The Beatles and soft shades of blues with the gloomy texture of Portishead and the explosion of 12 Rounds (an awesome and unfairly forgotten band).
The core of the band consist of Genevieve Schatz – vocals and Marc Walloch – guitar and the line-up is now rounded out by drummer Chris Faller and bassist Marcin Sulewski after the band suffers at least 8 line-up changes in the past few years. The band toured nonstop, hitting the road with groups like Annuals, OK Go, and The Hold Steady, and along the way played Lollapalooza, Last Call With Carson Daly, and Live From Daryl’s House.
Inspired by their diverse influences — including The Beatles, Billie Holliday, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, Elliott Smith and Nirvana — “Running From A Gamble” it’s a colorful, pumping journey with many highlights, warm aromas, gently, bluesy cut downs and rocking explosions, it’s an album full of life, good melodies and pulsing themes. It’s something extremely honest, simple and charming about Company Of Thieves, Genevieve seems to be the girl next door who anytime have a good word or a friendly smile for you and somehow it’s hard to think of them as “rock stars”, they managed to remain close to the audiance like the band from down in the club whit whom you can have a beer every night.
“Running From A Gamble” it’s a round, glowing and beautiful album.

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4 comments on “Company of Thieves – Running From a Gamble (2011)

  1. Wonderful review! Thanks for sharing. Did you check out the review at Windy City Rock? They also spoke highly of the album.

  2. It’s so nice to be reminded that amazing music is still alive as ever. Thanks COT & brushvox! 🙂

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