When Saints Go Machine – Konkylie (2011)

It was a quite nice surprise, I admit, I didn’t heard them before. Saints Go Machine are a band from Copenhagen, Denmark and they play a kind of dark pop which sometimes reminds me eventually of Japan (the British band of the 80s of David Sylvian, Mick Karn, Rich Barbieri, Steve Jansen and Masami Tsuchiya).
When Saints Go Machine was formed in 2007 and debuted with their selvbetitlede Ep in 2008. In May 2009 they released their debut album “Ten Makes a Face”. In October 2010 the band signed a contract with German label !K7 Records and “Konkylie” was released on 16 May 2011.
Silas Moldenhawer (drums), Jonas Kenton (synth, vocals), Simon Muschinsky (keys) and Nicholas Manuel Vonsild (vocals) balancing smoothly between minimalist pop themes and gloomy textures which bring an interesting, exotic taste into their music.

“Konkylie” consist of 11 tracks, soft, but danceable tracks are mixed with exotic textures and dark, but colorful soundscapes, their music is minimalist, but melodious, smooth, alive and pulsing. It’s an exciting and unique combination, strange, but refreshing. The album have a good, positive vibe and perfect groove, it’s something classy about it, warm and friendly.

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