Archspire – All Shall Align (2011)

Oli Peters (vocals), Tobi Morelli (seven string guitar), Dean Lamb (eight string guitar), Jaron Evil (six string fertless bass and backing vocals) and Spencer Prewett (drums) delivering some extremely rapid and precise, brutal, hyper-blasting, grinding and technical death metal. The young Canadian upstarts Archspire make a  proper, promising debut. Pushing boundaries of speed, technique, and limits set only by the human nature, Archspire focusing on the fast, powerful, energetic and explosive, but still musically accurately structured and perfectly performed modern, progressive death metal. Still, these boys from Vancouver managed to stealth melodies, harmonies into this unmerciful massacre.

Working with seasoned producer Stuart McKillop at The Hive studios, Archspire perform their unique brand of technical death metal for fans of Atheist, Cryptopsy, Brain Drill, Origin, Spawn of Possession, Obscura, Immolation, etc, “All Shall Align” is an unmissable piece to collect and devour.

Archspire – on MySpace
Archspire – on Bandcamp

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