The Kills – Blood Pressures (2011)

Rawness and kind of retro polish with that garage indie touch, the forth album by The Kills have the same noise blues flavor which was cooked and licensed by Jack White with The White Stripes and re-invented with The Dead Weather. And while Alison Nicole Mosshart spend most of her time lately touring with The Dead Weather, it’s kind of natural the infusion of the style and sound from Mr. White. “Blood Pressures” is noisy, dirty, sounds like vinyl and I almost miss the sound of some nice scratches, but on the other hand it doesn’t have the tension of the late “Sea of Cowards”. This “hippies goes punk” approach it’s a winning recipe, but if there will be a million plus one similar products, every single record label will try to invent their “own White Stripes”, the whole shit will goes down just like any other good thing before. 

“Blood Pressures” have a few very good moments, Jamie Hince played not only his guitar, but also mellotron, drums, percussion and sung along and he did a great job. Fortunately, he doesn’t sweat to be a Mr. White copy and have some brilliant ideas, experimented with some noisy guitars and put some heavy rock feeling into this record. The smell of 70s with this garage rock approach have its charm. Blues punk? I think it’s just another useless and stupid label to sell some shit to some idiot customers, but well, the music it’s still pretty intense and exciting. And it’s kind of bloody funny how Americans saves from drawing the asses of the lost and less and less inspired Brit indie faces… True, with few exception to mention.

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