“Drunk on the Blood of Saints” will rip your head off before you know it and all the 12 new songs from “Avavist” are intense and unforgiving bulldozers of modern Metal, even “quieter” songs like “We Dream Like Lions” will smash you into the ground.

Otep – Atavist (2011) “Atavist”, the fifth full-length studio album by Otep, is an extreme and intense incursion in the modern, sometimes twisted world of Metal, there’s no even trace of compromises, no second thoughts, only killer tracks and pure creativity transposed with full energy. Otep Shamaya (born on November 7, 1979) made her debut in 2000. This girl – openly lesbian and a vegetarian – rocks harder than many of the uncertain boys of the actual Metal scene and deliver regularly quality albums. Extreme metal and experimental passages shifting and overlapping on this brutally brilliant “Atavist”, dark, gloomy moments coloring the intense, brutal, but still kind of bright and edgy parts. “Stay”, the mysterious “Baby Breath” and “Bible Belt”, the crushing “Atom To Adam”, the heavy “Remember To Forget”, the mixture of sensitivity and aggression from “Skin of the Master” are all pearls on a perfect and compact album, another masterpiece by Otep. And Shamaya is an impressing personality, she makes illustrations, she write poetry – and not exclusively! – , she’s so much… alive in a dead world.

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