Death Cab For Cutie – Codes and Keys (2011)

The upcoming seventh studio album by Death Cab For Cutie, set to be released on May 31, 2011 contains 11 quiet, kind of “interiorized”, intimate songs, as Benjamin Gibbard and Nick Harmer have declared before, this album is “a much less guitar-centric album than we’ve ever made before”.
The first single, “You are a Tourist”, was made available for online stream on March 28, 2011 on the band’s official site.And “You Are Turist” – just like the other 10 tracks – is a nice, quiet song build upon a minimalist orchestral construction, the voice of Ben Gibbard lead as through a mysterious space filled up with a lonely acoustic guitar tune and a few discrete synth colors, only drummer Jason McGerr smashes off his drum kit and at the end of the track they introduced a nice turn into a much sunnier theme, but only for a few moments to create a nice contrast.

“Underneath the Sycamore” it sounds like The Beatles and it’s not the only moment that send us back to the Brit Kings of Beat.
“Codes and Keys” it’s kind of dream indie voyage, everything it’s stripped down to the bones, it’s very airy, minimalist, slow and self-contained themes floating around, but still it sounds quit warm. Somehow this new Death Cab For Cuties reminds me now of the Belgian dEUS. It’s a nice album, maybe more (dream) pop than (indie) rock, but this intimate and warm approach it’s very comfortable and relaxing.

Death Cab For Cuties – Official Site

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